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Recognizing the urgent need to impact culture beyond the world of K-12 education, we proudly present FreedomProject Media: a venture that brings education, information, and inspiration to audiences of all ages through original programming, educational media, and current events-oriented content.

Dear Republic-Loving American Patriots:

You are the audience we need to continue producing FreedomProject.com’s daily articles, videos, animations, and lecture series, all designed to educate the next generation of patriot leaders. Our mission is to combat the political noise by producing media that reaches patriots of ALL ages, and showcases the incredible opportunities our Founders provided for us in creating this Republic, and introducing American exceptionalism to the world.

For just $25 a month, join the Patriot Club to receive exclusive benefits, limited edition gifts, and a nice tax-deduction.

New Patriot support gift every three months

Registration to four lecture series per year

Q&A with Dr. Duke following each lecture series

Family registration for Camp Freedom 2018

Special welcome package with goodies

Join by Feb. 28th and receive a limited edition, leather wrapped tumbler. This great conversation piece showcases your taste for freedom by reminding friends and family that our Founding Fathers chose a REPUBLIC, not a democracy, as America’s form of government.

In 1787, the Constitutional Convention was in session to determine the form our new American government would take. A crowd of citizens waited anxiously outside Independence Hall for a report on the deliberations. Philadelphia’s own Mrs. Powell approached Benjamin Franklin and asked, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Without skipping a beat, Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

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