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Recognizing the urgent need to impact culture beyond the world of K-12 education, we proudly present FreedomProject Media: a venture that brings education, information, and inspiration to audiences of all ages through original programming, educational media, and current events-oriented content.


The Gospel of John

Understanding the Divine in Word, Flesh, & Spirit

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FreedomProject is proud to debut a brand new family lecture series by Dr. Duke Pesta entitled, The Gospel of John: Understanding the Divine in Word, Flesh, and Spirit. Besides its revered place among the four canonical gospels, the Gospel of John is also one of the most moving and sublime accounts in human history of the interaction and deep connection between this world and the next, between material reality and metaphysical Truth.


Please consider a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more to support FreedomProject’s Lecture Series. It is through donations such as these that we are able to produce articles, videos, lectures, and animations to help Faithfully Educate America. All presentations are streamed live online to be viewed on your computer, tablet, and smart phone. A recording of each lecture will be made available online following each live broadcast.

Monday, Oct. 2 (7:00pm – 8:00pm CT) Part I: The Word

In Part One, we consider the material and cultural contexts out of which John’s gospel emerged. After locating John in human history, we consider the opening chapter of the gospel, focusing on the Word made flesh, and John’s unique account of how creation was spoken into being by the “WORD,” who was with God, and who was God.

Monday, Oct. 9 (7:00pm – 8:00pm CT) Part II: The Flesh

In Part Two, we examine Christ’s earthly interactions with the world and the fallen people who inhabit it. The nature of Christ’s ministry is magnified and made real by the way He connects to people, and the human and humane way His personhood provides access, comfort, and redemption to those in need.

Monday, Oct. 16 (7:00pm – 8:00pm CT) Part III: The Spirit

In Part Three, we reflect on God and the Holy Spirit as they manifest themselves in the figure of the Son. In ways both mysterious and inevitable, John chronicles those aspects of Christ’s being that transcend and transform material reality, opening a window from which fallen humanity can glimpse the Divine through the dark glass of human perception and sin.

Monday, Oct. 23 (7:00pm – 8:00pm CT) Part IV: Light, Darkness, and the Lost World

In Part Four, we focus on the legacy of Christ’s teachings, miracles, and sacrifice in the Gospel of John. After the Word is made flesh, enters the world, and is rejected by His own creation, a new reality is ushered in that reshapes human understanding. He was the light, and the darkness knew Him not. What does that ultimately mean for both light and darkness?