Racial Indoctrination Overtakes Oregon Schools

Racial propaganda and division are being forced on captive public-school children across Oregon, prompting a growing backlash among parents and activists outraged by the tax-funded political indoctrination.

The radical brainwashing comes as the Oregon Department of Education approved a resolution promising to align its curricula with Black Lives Matter, a group founded by self-proclaimed Marxist revolutionaries.

All throughout the educational system in Oregon and beyond, phrases such as "equity," "anti-racism," "systemic racism," and more are being infused into everything. It is basically the Marxist "Critical Race Theory" on steroids, forced on gullible children.

Designed to sound reasonable to people of good will, the terms conceal a nefarious agenda that — if successful — would lead to the dismantling of the United States and its system of limited government that protects God-given rights.

In response to complaints about the Black Lives Matter propaganda, officials have claimed the statement is "non-partisan" and as such, teachers are fully supported in wearing BLM propaganda. The resolution explicitly claims that wearing BLM gear is fine since it is not "inherently aligned with a single political party."

However, as critics pointed out, one can be sure that no such support would be offered if a teacher decided to wear a "Blue Lives Matter" or "All Lives Matter" shirt to school. In fact, the education establishment, which has utterly failed to educate children, would go ballistic.

Indeed, in the Oregon Department of Education's "Training Toolkit" released with the BLM Resolution, a teacher recounts how she dealt with a student saying "All Lives Matter" in class. In short: The student was scolded and forced to write an apology letter.

Ironically, even as the state's largest burns amid a communist-inspired reign of terror, the very same hateful ideologies are being peddled to the young at public expense. The consequences of this BLM propaganda will be more of the same.

As President Trump explained in his Independence Day speech this year at Mount Rushmore, "the reason for the mayhem in the streets" is that Americans are being brainwashed to hate their own nation at school.

One of the many groups outraged by what is happening is Oregonians for Liberty in Education, which is speaking out forcefully.

"Parents are listening to their children’s teachers delegitimize the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, and undermining our law enforcement," explained Vice President Natalee Maxfield. "Other students are being taught about 'white privilege' and inherited racial guilt."

"Do these teachings support ODE’s mission, as stated in the resolution, to promote 'educational practices that lead directly to the educational and life success of all Oregon PK-12 students'?" she continued. Of course, the answer is obvious.

Having escaped from communist slavery in Vietnam, one Oregon mom shared her outrage over the use of the communist "raised fist" appearing in public-school classrooms. "It represents communism," explained the concerned mother, who asked not to be identified. "We hate communism."

"I lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for 2 years before coming to the United States," the mother added. "We escaped and now they teach communism to my children and they are confused. The United States is land of liberty! They don’t teach it anymore."

To those who have escaped from barbarous communist regimes, the raised fist is a symbol of genocide. And yet, out-of-touch radical "educators" are using it to promote the same vile ideologies that have led to so much death in other nations.

"Children with these family histories must feel like they are safe and belong in their schools too," continued Maxfield with Oregonians for Liberty in Education, adding that ODE's claim that "all students belong" is clearly not in line with the BLM resolution.

"Anti-racism is essentially Marxism," she added. "There is no individual identity and group identity is paramount to all other personal attributes. It fosters prejudice and, in its extremity, condones violence; It divides people along racial lines instead of fostering the idea that every man is your brother, or that every student belongs."

Maxfield and other leaders of Oregonians for Liberty in Education called on Oregon education officials to quit promoting divisive and controversial ideologies or organizations such as BLM, and start standing by their "all students belong" message.

Parents, meanwhile, should speak out at education board meetings and at school, while supporting efforts to resist, Maxfield said.
The latest BLM propaganda in Oregon schools is merely the tip of the iceberg. If Americans continue to allow their children to be indoctrinated with this hate and totalitarianism, they will pay a price steeper than they can even imagine. 

For details, ask the people of Vietnam, Cuba, Cambodia, China, Russia, Hungary, Angola, Mozambique, Venezuela, Germany, or the many other nations enslaved by tyrants using the very same rhetoric as “educators” in classrooms across America. It never ends well.

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