Cops Oust Moms From School Board Meeting Over Masks

School board officials in Florida's Volusia County are under fire after using police to forcibly eject a group of concerned mothers from a public meeting on "trespass" accusations. Their supposed crime: Refusing to wear a face mask while speaking out against the forcible masking of children in government schools.

The tax-paying moms, whose children attend local government schools, argued that the decision about whether the mask children ought to be made by parents — not government. Apparently local education authorities vehemently disagreed.

And so, despite Florida and Volusia County having no mask mandate in place, the mothers were man-handled and thrown out of the school board meeting by police. Video of the spectacle went viral and made headlines and TV across the region and beyond. Police body cam footage can be seen here.

Speaking to The Newman Report, one of the moms, Rachael Cohen, blasted the school board and its decision to expel concerned taxpaying moms from a public meeting. She also lambasted government officials who believe they have the authority to impose experimental medical schemes on children such as masks without parental consent.

"Parents have a sovereign right to their children, and health decisions pertaining to children must be made by parents or guardians, not by a school district," Cohen explained, echoing concerns by the other moms who were ejected from the meeting as well. "Masks are an experimental medical device."

Among other concerns, Cohen noted that there have been no double-blind placebo studies conducted on children wearing masks 7 hours a day for an entire school year. "Widespread, long-term use of masks, especially in children, is experimental and the implications are unknown, though risk analysis does show that there is MORE risk to a child’s health in wearing a mask than not wearing a mask," she said, noting that under the Nuremberg Code, experimental procedures require informed consent.

This is becoming a national issue now. The non-profit group Citizens for Free Speech just created a new website,, to track incidents of children being harmed by masks — and the reports are pouring in. From acne flare ups and anxiety to coughs and migraines, masks are being blamed for a huge range of child-health issues across the nation.
In a statement to The Newman Report, CFFS founder Patrick Wood noted that his group is working to help these "angry momma bears" across America get the voice they deserve under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Concerned moms are "key" to disrupting the whole globalist agenda, Wood added.

Cohen, who was dragged out of the school-board meeting by police, called the mask mandates a "gross governmental overreach." That is especially true considering the lack of safety and efficacy evidence, the low risk of death from COVID19, and the need to uphold constitutional and human rights, she added.

"The eight mothers that were trespassed at the last board meeting had no intention of creating a disturbance, but knew we were well within our rights to stay in the building, as we were in a public place and under Governor DeSantis’ executive order 20-244 there were to be no penalties exacted for being in a public place unmasked," Cohen continued, adding that neither the state nor the county have a mask order in place.

"The gross overreach of the school board is appalling to all of us," she added. "More and more residents of Volusia County, our state of Florida, and our great nation see mask mandates not as a effort to address public health and safety, but as a reflection of a deeper, far more nefarious, systemic issue - which appears to be a desire to exert undue control over the people."

"This is about submission and control," concluded Cohen. "Volusia County School Board: You do not own our children and we DO NOT CONSENT to this degree of control over our children’s bodies."

School board chair Ida Wright responded to the scandal by claiming that the mask policies were designed to "protect not just them, but everyone involved." She offered no evidence of mask effectiveness or any basis in state law to mandate that children be masked.

As government schools become increasingly aggressive in indoctrinating children and sidelining parents, it should come as no surprise that officials feel entitled to sic the police on concerned moms. Taxpayers and parents everywhere should take note.

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