Top “Sex-Ed” Group Funded by Firm Selling “Anal Play Web Series”

A notorious lobbying group and provider of sex-"education" resources for schools is under fire for promoting its "sponsor," a bizarre company called "b-Vibe that offers raunchy, dangerous, and disgusting filth such as a course on "seducing the butt" that includes a "6-part anal play web series."

The organization in question, SIECUS, describes itself as a leader in peddling "comprehensive sexuality education" (CSE) to children - especially those in government schools. Its tagline is "Sex Ed for Social Change." And it is not kidding.

According to SIECUS President Christine Harley, the organization is also the national leader when it comes to shaping government policy and "building a nationwide movement" of advocates and partners fighting for "sexual and reproductive freedom." That is code for promiscuity, fornication, and abortion.

As proven by documents and Dr. Judith Reisman, one of the world's leading experts in the field, SIECUS traces its roots back to pervert "sex researcher" Alfred Kinsey. Among other crimes, Kinsey was responsible for the rape and sexual torture of thousands of young children — some as young as a few months old — under the guise of pseudo-scientific "sex research."

"SIECUS emerged out of the Kinsey Institute after this meeting, where they decided SIECUS should carry out the sex-education that Kinsey envisioned," Reisman said, noting that this is when the grotesque sexualization of children in public schools kicked into high gear. "SIECUS was really Kinsey's arm—and the Kinsey Institute's arm—into the schools."

The sickness continues to this day. In a number of emails sent out to supporters and "sex educators," SIECUS proudly points readers to one of its sponsors, b-Vibe, the self-proclaimed market leader in products for anal sex. Even a brief review of this company, which is helping to fund the "sex ed" encouraging children to fornicate, would shock almost anyone.

The marketing materials for a virtual workshop dubbed "Seducing The Butt Live Webinar Series," for example, are enough to make a person want to puke. "Inspire your bum pleasure with sexual confidence, erotic creativity and sexy communication," an invitation from the group says, promising more "techniques for having hotter anal sex" including "eating ass."
"Still hungry for more butt stuff?" the promo continues. "Tune into 'The Plug' each month for a podcast that digs deeper into anal play. You'll get expert advice from our Assperts and have a chance to submit your own bum sex questions."

The webinar series is offered by Luna Matatas, a self-styled "Sex and Pleasure Educator" who celebrates "self-adoration, and building shame-free pleasure in and out of the bedroom." She specializes in teaching about group sex, anal sex, and what is known as "bondage, discipline, and sadomasochism" or BDSM.

The promo for her course, available at the website that SIECUS links to regularly, also makes a mockery of Christmas — a holiday for Christians worldwide to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. "'Tis the season for butt toys & tools," it says under the "Ultimate Booty Gift List." "In this workshop, we'll talk about what Santa should and shouldn't try fitting up your chimney, what feels good inside and why."

Among other lessons, participants are promised “anal pleasure anatomy," "what's ok to put in butts," "how to use butt plugs," and even something called "Our Buttmas Gift List." During the webinars, the promo says viewers will learn about what sorts of things to insert in their anus and much more.

Critics were outraged. In a statement about what she discovered to The Newman Report, Kathy McCarthy with Protect Our Kids Now noted that the language used by SIECUS is merely a "front for undermining the Judeo-Christian culture they intend to fully destroy by their work." This is obvious from its partnership with B-Vibe, she said.

"Parents, educators and policy makers need to be aware of the alarming content B-Vibe is promoting," McCarthy added. "If this is the sort of perversion being promoted by SIECUS financial sponsors, can anyone trust this organization to provide objective, unbiased, sexual health education that will keep kids from experiencing the serious adverse effects of highly risky sex acts? Clearly, no."

McCarthy said enough was enough. "SIECUS, their policies and partners CANNOT be trusted in our schools," she explained. "Their agenda PUSHES kids into high-risk sexual behavior; compromising the optimal lifetime sexual health of all students."
The fact that SIECUS is openly partnering with unfathomably grotesque perverts who mock Christmas with promotion of sodomy would be bad enough. But when it is realized that this group plays a leading role in shaping American children's attitudes and views toward sex, it becomes clear that this is a crisis and a crime.

With the schools facilitating the extreme sexualization, only parents can protect their children from these perverts and their diabolical agenda.