NEA: Biden Should Nationalize Schools, Force 5-Year Olds In

The powerful National Education Association teachers union is calling on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Congress to nationalize and further radicalize the government school system and the children it shapes, sparking alarm among critics. The plan also calls for more than doubling federal tax spending on "public education."

In its unhinged 49-page manifesto dubbed "2020 NEA Policy Playbook for Congress and the Biden-Harris Administration," the extremely radical labor union purporting to represent some 3 million teachers makes a series of outrageous and unconstitutional demands. And if Biden ends up becoming president, there should be little doubt about whether he will support it.

Among the many demands is a call for "mandatory" kindergarten for all children ages 5 and up while purporting to "require" that all local school districts provide it. In line with Marxist dogma, the scheme also demands "universal access" to preK indoctrination for all children aged 3 and 4, in addition to more government spending on "child care programs" for children even younger than that.

Perhaps even more alarmingly, the NEA plan urges "national leaders" to use unconstitutional federal powers to force even more LGBTQ+ indoctrination and extremism on vulnerable and impressionable children. This includes promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, and the dangerous notion that children can choose their own “gender” from potentially infinite different options.

Under the NEA vision, all government schools would become much more than just places to indoctrinate and dumb-down America's children. Instead, they would morph into "Full-Service Community Schools." That is just a fancy way of saying that schools would increasingly replace parents, taking charge of everything from the mental and dental health of children to providing three meals per day.

Even what little freedom remains for charter schools would be quashed, too. Under the NEA demands, charter schools, which are already forced by law to obey many of the outrageous dictates that make traditional government schools so terrible, would be now forced to follow all "the same laws and regulations applicable to traditional public schools."

The NEA makes clear that it wants drastically more federal control over education (and everything else) as well. Among other demands, it wants "national leaders" to "prioritize racial, social, and economic justice in developing guidance and providing fiscal support for states, local public-school districts, and institutions of higher education (IHEs)." The plan also seeks to prescribe assessment systems.

The radical union plan also includes all sorts of demands that do not touch directly on what the union dishonestly describes as "education." For instance, the NEA is calling for amnesty for virtually all illegal immigrants, repealing Trump-era tax cuts, creating a more "progressive" taxation regime, forcing taxpayers in low-tax states to subsidize the Big Government of high-tax states, increasing estate taxes, destroying the true meaning of rights by declaring taxpayer-funded (and government-controlled) "healthcare" a "right," drastic new gun-control schemes, and much more.

The NEA manifesto also supports the discredited feminist "Equal Rights Amendment," the "Family Medical Leave Act," the "Violence Against Women Act," and many other statutes that make a mockery of the Constitution. Finally, the plan calls for packing the Supreme Court with more judges, as well as increasing the number of homosexual and transgender judges on the federal judiciary. And the NEA wants ever more welfare programs, including "free" college for everyone.

The "teachers" outfit, once described as a "terrorist organization" by then-U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige, has for generations been at the forefront indoctrinating American children into globalism, socialism, feminism, transgenderism, and countless other radical ideologies. As evidenced by its manifesto, it abhors constitutional limitations on the power of the federal government. And unfortunately, this extremism is being force-fed to most American children at school.
America is in mortal danger. If urgent action is not taken to rein in the radicalization of children by the corrupt NEA and its co-conspirators in government, the constitutional republic and the God-given liberties that so many Americans fought and died for will be utterly destroyed, probably in less than a generation. It has never been more urgent for American families to flee the government's child-indoctrination system.