Victims of government “education” in small-town Iowa are being forced to participate in what is being referred to as the “Black Lives Matter Week of Action,” prompting so much outrage and disgust from parents that some are keeping their children home. The indoctrination sessions begin in preschool and go through 12th grade.

Among the topics to be peddled to children under the plan are “globalism,” “queer affirming,” transgenderism, “diversity,” homosexuality, and hyper-racialism. The lessons in the 5-day program also include “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics,” according to the Ames Community School District's website.

Also part of the program will be forcing students to read radical left-wing “Afro-Latinx” propaganda books. After the reading material, they will examine their library to understand how “impacted or privileged within the Black global family,” according to materials from “education” officials.

The school district's public statements on the “Week of Action” read like a parody or a caricature of nutty leftwing extremists trying to brainwash children. Consider: Each day of the week includes new absurdities to indoctrinate Iowa children:

-Monday: “restorative justice, empathy, and loving engagement.”
-Tuesday: “diversity & globalism.”
-Wednesday: “transgender, queer affirming, & collective value.”
-Thursday: “Intergenerational” spaces “free from ageism,” “black families” “free from patriarchal practices,” “black villages,” and “the disruption of the Western nuclear family.”
-Friday: “centering black women and femmes,” along with an “I Love Myself Affirmation chant.”

Parents and community leaders tired of the taxpayer-funded race-mongering, gender-bending madness and political extremism expressed outrage. In fact, according to local news reports, some parents will be keeping their children home, and the district has agreed not to consider them absent.

Local religious leaders also expressed concern. “Instead of working to build from a common ground where we can have meaningful conversation, we’re using a public school forum to push an activist ideology through a curriculum,” said Cornerstone Church Pastor Mark Vance at the Ames School Board.

The Newman Report documented similar absurdities in previous years. But this time, the scandal has even attracted national attention, earning coverage by Todd Starnes. On his website, Starnes quoted a spokesman for the group Young America’s Foundation (YAF) ridiculing and lambasting the controversial programs.

“It just shows how the left is always trying to stay a step ahead in making sure that they get students younger and younger, at the point where four years old and preschool these students don’t understand most of what is being told to them, so for them it seems fun, but obviously the damaging impact is still the same,” said YAF spokesman Spencer Brown.

He added: “The Left doesn’t realize this and they don’t want to admit it, a lot of people oppose this craziness and this is a place where conservatives can rally for commonsense and biological genetics and say this is wrong and we’re going to stand for what we know is right.”

Facing a tsunami of fury from the community that pays his bloated salary, “Director of Equity” Anthony Jones has been doing damage control. He sought to distance the indoctrination sessions from the fringe Black Lives Matter organization founded by self-proclaimed Marxists while claiming the purpose was all to make sure everybody felt included.
As long as parents continue handing their children over to anti-Christian government “schools” for “education,” the extremism that is destroying America's youth and the nation as a whole will continue to get progressively more grotesque. It is past time for all sensible families to exit public schools for good.