Pillow Fight: Politics Controls Your Sleep

A good night’s rest is hard to come by when everything in life seems to be political. And that is amplified by laying your head on a pillow that has been politicized. Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of MyPillow, has been a controversial figure ever since announcing his support for President Donald Trump. But Lindell is back in the headlines for speaking on election fraud, and so, naturally, David Hogg has decided to start a pillow company to take down MyPillow. Yes, this is the same baby-faced Hogg who lit up the Internet and television screens for months after the Parkland school shooting in Florida in 2018, and who made a litany of slanderous remarks regarding gun owners and basically anyone not on the radical left. Hogg, who knows nothing about pillows, is now an entrepreneur whose main focus is to have progressive pillows and take down a Trump supporter. That is not hyperbole; it is his business plan.
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