Amazon's Bezos, With OBSESSION for Kids, Plans Preschools

Creepy Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame says his plans include an “intense obsession” with your children — and he wants to get access to them as young as he possibly can, supposedly for their own good. Critics and skeptics, however, are sounding the alarm.

To get access to your children, the billionaire Bilderberg bigwig announced that he is planning to pump billions of dollars into early “education.” His vision: to open and operate a national network of Montessori preschools for low-income children. Details have not yet been released.

Bezos, who recently announced his retirement as CEO of Amazon (though he will stay on to lead the board), plans to spend much of his time re-shaping society and the world. Among other agenda items, the wealthiest man on the planet plans to promote sodomy and left-wing extremism while building rockets.

But his new “education” initiative may be the most significant scheme to force change on humanity. Through his “Bezos Day One Fund,” the controversial billionaire plans to launch a nationwide chain of indoctrination centers that will target the children of poor people — and their data — potentially shaping millions of young minds.

“The Day 1 Academies Fund will launch and operate a network of high-quality, full-scholarship, Montessori-inspired preschools in underserved communities,” Bezos said in a statement about his plans. “We will build an organization to directly operate these preschools.”

“I'm excited about that because it will give us the opportunity to learn, invent, and improve,” continued Bezos, who went on to compare education to “lighting a fire” rather than filling a pail. “And lighting that fire early is a giant leg up for any child.”

Bezos claims he wants the supposed principles of “intense customer obsession” that guided Amazon to be at the core of the new schools. “The child will be the customer,” said Bezos, who routinely treats his customers like idiots and children by banning books and even shutting down Parler for its dedication to free speech.

However, in reality, the evidence indicates that the children will be the “human resources” to be manipulated, surveilled, and data-mined for the benefit of Amazon and Big Brother — not the “customer.” Indeed, in a blockbuster article by Wrench In the Gears, Bezos' true plans are exposed.

Consider that Bezos' mother, who helps manage the foundation, recently gave a presentation on “preschool human capital investing” with controversial “human development” economist James Heckman. “This is about power, using digital technologies and predictive analytics, to mine rising global poverty rates for profit,” explains the article about Bezos' schemes.

“Ever more vicious forms of innovative finance, like Social Impact Bonds and now impact securities, seek to transform human life into fictitious capital the elite can manipulate to enrich themselves,” the piece continues, adding that “the data of vulnerable children will be collected and used” for profit by Bezos. “The Amazon 'academies' will be data centers first and foremost.”

The piece goes on to outline the Orwellian data-gathering technology already in existence. Eventually, Wrench in the Gears adds, all of the data stolen from victims of Bezos' “schools” will be used to paint “a high-resolution picture in data of where they fit into the human capital pipeline of the gig economy.”

According to news reports, Bezos' first indoctrination center will be opened in Des Moines, Washington. But with billions being pledged for the totalitarian Big Tech overlord's “philanthropic” scheming, millions of children could eventually be absorbed into the Bezos Borg.
Bezos' political extremism is apparent in the disgusting dishonesty and anti-Christian bigotry of his personal propaganda megaphone, the Washington Post, and in his escalating censorship via Amazon. Parents should be extremely concerned about the billionaire's bizarre obsession with their children — and run in the other direction.