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Democrat’s Campaign For Power
by David Fiorazo on July 22nd, 2021
We saw this coming. Many of the news stories reported by conservative outlets in the last year that were censored or suppressed by Big Tech progressives have proven to be true including the Hunter  Read More
Are Climate Lockdowns Now On The Way?
by David Fiorazo on July 15th, 2021
If you think government and Hollywood propaganda is bad now, get ready, because we may soon be seeing what some are calling “climate lockdowns.” I interviewed author, journalist and publisher of  Read More
Why Do Young Americans Hate Their Country?
by David Fiorazo on July 8th, 2021
In a new poll, only about a third of young adults say they are proud to be American. Most seem to be embarrassed or even dislike their own country. Maybe they should try living in some third world country or visit a communist nation.  Read More
When a Man Wins a Women’s Beauty Pageant
by David Fiorazo on July 1st, 2021
They’re calling it “a historic moment in beauty pageants.” Hollywood, the media, and the left celebrated the victory when Sunday, a biological male was crowned Miss Nevada USA and is now headed to the Miss USA pageant.  Read More
Christianity is Essential to the Preservation of America
by David Fiorazo on June 24th, 2021
How did we get to the point in America where a generation has grown up believing lies that this country is evil, was founded by evil men, and it must therefore be dismantled – from the Constitution to capitalism? It’s crucial to the survival of our Republic  Read More
Graduates Warned of White Supremacy, Pledge One Nation Under Allah
by David Fiorazo on June 17th, 2021
It’s one thing to cancel the Pledge of Allegiance in many American schools across the U.S. It’s another thing to lead students in pledging allegiance to a false god. But this is what happened recently at a VA high school graduation.  Read More
Cultural Compromise and Progressive Propaganda
by David Fiorazo on June 10th, 2021
We must be in the month of June. How can you tell? LGBTQ flags and rainbow reminders are everywhere as part of the propaganda to force the celebration of "Pride Month." If you use email, an iPhone, social media, the Internet, watch television,  Read More
Democrats Target Pastor Who Defended Christian Teacher
by David Fiorazo on June 3rd, 2021
Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter to Loudoun County Public Schools last week on behalf of an elementary school teacher who was placed on leave because he believed the Bible and disagreed with moral relativism  Read More
America in Crisis Mode as Biden Touts LGBTQ Activism
by David Fiorazo on May 20th, 2021
The O’Biden Harris Administration announced Monday they “are proud to recognize the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphopia,” which was observed Monday May 17.  Read More
Papers Please: Will We Soon See, No Vaccine, No Service?
by David Fiorazo on May 13th, 2021
Did you hear about the new vaccine bracelet being sold? That’s right. You can wear it in public so people will know that you’re safe to be around. I wish I were joking.  Read More
Censorship Is Here And They’re Coming for You
by David Fiorazo on May 6th, 2021
Threats to our religious liberty were subtle a few decades ago. But then came the discrimination, the propaganda, the politically correct mob, and now, cancel culture.  Read More
How The Left Is Canceling Christianity
by David Fiorazo on April 29th, 2021
For the last 2,000 years, societies have been trying to silence Christians and even blot out God - if that were possible. America is no different. The left has been relentless in its commitment to  Read More
What Science Are We Supposed To Believe?
by David Fiorazo on April 22nd, 2021
Always remember this: science doesn’t speak; scientists do. But which doctors and scientists are we supposed to believe when we’ve heard conflicting information for a year now?   Read More
Do Some Black Lives Matter More Than Others?
by David Fiorazo on April 15th, 2021
According to reports, Black Lives Matter raked in between $90 and 100 million dollars in 2020 alone. Do you know anyone who jumped on the BLM bandwagon and donated money to the  Read More
Study Reveals Voter’s Shocking Views On Religion
by David Fiorazo on April 8th, 2021
New poll results were released this week showing only 30% of Biden Harris voters believe the Bible "is the actual or inspired Word of God.” One takeaway is most Democrats, specifically those who  Read More
True, Historical Facts About The Resurrection
by David Fiorazo on April 1st, 2021
Jesus Christ is Lord and is seated at the right hand of the Father, but in order to get there, the cross had to come before the kingdom.  Read More
Biden’s Border Crisis Leading To System Overload
by David Fiorazo on March 25th, 2021
Democrat campaign promises have become bad policy, and the Biden Harris administration owns the current humanitarian crisis at the U.S. Mexico border.  Read More
Canceling Cartoons, But Not The Pornographic Grammy’s
by David Fiorazo on March 18th, 2021
How much more filth disguised as entertainment has to be displayed before people revolt over the onslaught of blatant, in-your-face, offensive so-called art forms? Are Hollywood and the  Read More
SCOTUS Sides with Christian Student, Free Speech!
by David Fiorazo on March 11th, 2021
In good news you probably missed, the US Supreme Court ruled Monday 8-1 in favor of free speech and justice for those whose rights have been violated by government officials. The Court sided with a former  Read More
Congress Cancels God From Public Policy
by David Fiorazo on March 4th, 2021
Democrat Leaders Cancel God from Congress. That’s the headline. But what the heck is the left up to now?  Read More
Framing Christians and Freedom-loving Americans as Domestic Terrorists
by David Fiorazo on February 25th, 2021
The Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, AOC, Soros, Biden, Harris Democrats now want to turn the nation’s Capital into a fortress and build a wall. Why? They refuse to finish building a wall on our  Read More
Planned Parenthood Targets Transgender Teens
by David Fiorazo on February 18th, 2021
They’re not just about killing babies anymore. A former Planned Parenthood worker recently came forward about concerns over the abortion giant distributing cross-sex hormones to  Read More
Pelosi’s For the People Act is Another Democrat Power Grab
by David Fiorazo on February 11th, 2021
It’s back! Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat power grab, H.R. 1, also known as “For the People Act,” died last year as it had no chance of passing the Senate. But now with Democrat control of the House, Senate,  Read More
In with Transgenderism, Out with Truth
by David Fiorazo on February 4th, 2021
If men are women, then truth, science, and sanity are history. A new study reveals 74% of generation Z embrace moral relativism. And Twitter censors another Christian organization for  Read More
The Left’s Idea of UNITY Actually Means Submission
by David Fiorazo on January 28th, 2021
President Joe Biden and many on the left called Donald Trump a dictator for years, and yet, Biden has issued more executive orders in his first week in office than any of the 45 previous   Read More
The Church In America Must Be The Church!
by David Fiorazo on January 21st, 2021
New Mexico Democrat Governor praised Black Lives Matter protests but recently called Christian church gatherings “illegal and selfish.” Michelle Grisham criticized two churches for holding  Read More
Censored: Is this China or America?
by David Fiorazo on January 14th, 2021
Are we going to let the mob win? The Democrat media conglomerate is misusing what happened on Capitol Hill last week to punish those who disagree with them, and they’re even controlling  Read More
Ten Observations From 2020
by David Fiorazo on January 7th, 2021
There are endless lists at the end and at the start of every year, so I decided to weigh in on the fun. You have absolutely no idea how hard it was to narrow this down to ten things.  Read More
We Need A Little Christmas Right This Very Minute!
by David Fiorazo on December 17th, 2020
Let’s bring back a song form the 1960s called “We Need A Little Christmas.” If you’re having a tough time getting into the Christmas spirit this year, welcome to the club!  Read More
The Great, Godless Globalist Reset
by David Fiorazo on December 10th, 2020
If you haven’t heard about the Great Reset by now, you will. Some of the world's most powerful and liberal elites are planning and advancing a radical transformation of every aspect of our lives, both business  Read More
Big Tech Democrats, Media Helped Biden More Than Voter Fraud
by David Fiorazo on December 3rd, 2020
Hoping Joe Biden will be certified and selected president of the United States, Big Tech ramps up its censorship of Republicans, conservatives, and Christians even more, and the Democrat  Read More
Elections, The Virus, & Evil, Oh My!
by David Fiorazo on November 19th, 2020
God's sovereignty trumps elections, voter fraud, mandates, and viruses! It is one thing to say we trust God and believe He is in control; it is another thing to live as if God were sovereign.  Read More
Democrat Governors Squelch Thanksgiving
by David Fiorazo on November 12th, 2020
Thousands of Biden supporters can crowd together to celebrate... but I’m not supposed have Thanksgiving with family?  Read More
Elections Change, God Does Not
by David Fiorazo on November 4th, 2020
So many questions, so little time. When will we know who really won the election? Can the system still be trusted? How much voter fraud took place and why did a few states literally stop counting ballots?  Read More
Trump Will Win If Christians Vote Policy Over Personality
by David Fiorazo on October 29th, 2020
How do you respond when people are shocked that you could actually vote for President Trump? Hopefully, you respond with facts and policy if they’re really willing to listen.  Read More
Americans Are Tired Of Censorship
by David Fiorazo on October 22nd, 2020
If they can’t win the election, they’ll cheat, lie, and steal. But, are people finally catching on?Less than 30 percent of Americans believe today’s so-called “news” media - and for good reason.   Read More
Smithsonian Celebrates Murder and Moral Relativism
by David Fiorazo on October 14th, 2020
The Smithsonian has joined Hollywood, public schools, the liberal activist media, big tech, corporations, and LGBTQ by adding a “Girlhood” exhibition.   Read More
What?! Pro-Life ‘Conservatives’ Voting for Biden?
by David Fiorazo on October 7th, 2020
Something doesn’t add up. With all that we know about how extreme and radical Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are, please help me understand the rationale behind those who claim to be Christian, conservative or pro-life and can vote for the Democrat Party anymore.  Read More
Behind the Smokescreen and Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett
by David Fiorazo on October 1st, 2020
After the first debate between Joe Biden and president Trump, if you think it lacked substance and are a little disappointed or frustrated, welcome to the club.   Read More
Democrat Threats Over SCOTUS Seat
by David Fiorazo on September 24th, 2020
The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the threats are coming in – even before President Trump decided to select a Supreme Court nominee to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died last week.  Read More