Resisting Medical Tyranny, Passports & Politics
by David Fiorazo on August 19th, 2021
According to Liberty Council Chairman, Matt Staver, it is no longer unthinkable for government to implement checkpoints within the country or even plan isolation camps for those testing positive for Covid.  Read More
Taliban Takes Over While Biden Goes To Camp
by Katie Petrick on August 18th, 2021
If you have missed the news lately, just know that the world is collapsing, and President Joe Biden is off at camp. The Afghanistan government fled the country, and the Taliban took control over the weekend, while Biden   Read More
Oregon Drops Math & English Requirements to Graduate 
by Alex Newman on August 16th, 2021
Supposedly to help darker-skinned students, victims of government schools in Oregon will not have to show proficiency in mathematics, reading, or writing in order to graduate from high-school for the next five years. Yes, seriously.  Read More
Only The (Sophisticated) Attend Obama’s Maskless 60th Birthday Party
by Katie Petrick on August 11th, 2021
They hate you. They hate me. They hate our kids, and they hate our life choices. But they do love Barack Obama’s awful dance moves and his Covid rager of a 60th birthday party that took place on Martha’s Vineyard  Read More
Teacher Union SUES Mom Exposing CRT and Gender Madness
by Alex Newman on August 10th, 2021
The most powerful union in America's Rhode Island affiliate is suing a concerned mother for trying to pry loose records on the indoctrination materials being used in tax-funded government schools, sparking outrage and scandal nationwide.  Read More
AOC Housing Drama Slathered In Hypocrisy
by Katie Petrick on August 4th, 2021
If the left did not have a double standard they’d have no standard at all, or so has been said. It is becoming more evident every day to be the truth. The latest example is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)  Read More
Ridiculing Biden, DeSantis Bans Mask Mandates in School
by Alex Newman on August 3rd, 2021
In defiance of the Biden administration and its increasingly discredited Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order banning mask mandates in all of the state's government schools.  Read More
Biden & Olympic Athletes Stumble For You?
by Katie Petrick on July 28th, 2021
The Olympic Games is full of sports that are demanding physically and mentally. But in the age of wokeness, there must be events that demand equity. So what are possible events to be added to the Games moving  Read More
To Graduate, Students Must Be Globalist Social-Justice Warriors
by Alex Newman on July 27th, 2021
A controversial government school in Jefferson County, Colorado, is demanding that students adopt an “intersectional” worldview and “advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equitability” as part of its graduation expectations.  Read More
Democrat’s Campaign For Power
by David Fiorazo on July 22nd, 2021
We saw this coming. Many of the news stories reported by conservative outlets in the last year that were censored or suppressed by Big Tech progressives have proven to be true including the Hunter  Read More
AOC And Millennials Still Want Free Stuff
by Katie Petrick on July 21st, 2021
Turns out the there is one generation that is the worst with money. Of course, it is the millennials. A recent survey by Pyments and Lending Club shows that 60% of millennials—specifically the ones making more than  Read More
UN Bigwig Claims Homeschooling Might Harm Children
by Alex Newman on July 20th, 2021
As Brazilian lawmakers worked to recognize and legitimize home education, which has been wildly successful in the United States for decades, senior United Nations “education” bureaucrat Italo Dutra warned  Read More
Are Climate Lockdowns Now On The Way?
by David Fiorazo on July 15th, 2021
If you think government and Hollywood propaganda is bad now, get ready, because we may soon be seeing what some are calling “climate lockdowns.” I interviewed author, journalist and publisher of  Read More
Bidens Prove Why You Need To Get Your Kids Out Of Public School
by Katie Petrick on July 14th, 2021
The National Education Association (NEA) proves once again that your children are pawns in a political struggle. President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden spoke at the nation’s largest teachers’ union’s annual convention  Read More
Number of Victims in Government Schools Plummets
by Alex Newman on July 13th, 2021
Government schools lost more than 1.3 million students in the 2020-2021 school year, representing a 3 percent decline, preliminary data released by the federal government revealed. Meanwhile, enrollment in Kindergarten and preschool   Read More
Why Do Young Americans Hate Their Country?
by David Fiorazo on July 8th, 2021
In a new poll, only about a third of young adults say they are proud to be American. Most seem to be embarrassed or even dislike their own country. Maybe they should try living in some third world country or visit a communist nation.  Read More
Hot Doggity! Women Are Acting Like Wieners
by Katie Petrick on July 7th, 2021
With the onset of July, Americans think of fireworks, cookouts, and the Tokyo Olympics. But with all of the summer fun has come victimization and a lack of responsibility, mostly from prominent   Read More
Trump Unveils Plan to Stop Leftist Brainwashing in Schools
by Alex Newman on July 6th, 2021
Critical Race Theory and associated extremism are deadly poison that threatens to destroy the United States if children continue to be “brainwashed” in government schools, warned Donald Trump in a piece unveiling a new plan to fight back.  Read More
When a Man Wins a Women’s Beauty Pageant
by David Fiorazo on July 1st, 2021
They’re calling it “a historic moment in beauty pageants.” Hollywood, the media, and the left celebrated the victory when Sunday, a biological male was crowned Miss Nevada USA and is now headed to the Miss USA pageant.  Read More
E.T. Phone Joe
by Katie Petrick on June 30th, 2021
Nukes, UFOs, and an addled old man. What kind of reality are we living in? In a week that discussed a new report about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, there was also time spent wondering if the Biden administration  Read More
Christianity is Essential to the Preservation of America
by David Fiorazo on June 24th, 2021
How did we get to the point in America where a generation has grown up believing lies that this country is evil, was founded by evil men, and it must therefore be dismantled – from the Constitution to capitalism? It’s crucial to the survival of our Republic  Read More
Pay Attention To The Man Behind Biden’s Curtain
by Katie Petrick on June 23rd, 2021
Anyone paying any attention to the news has seen President Joe Biden stumble along the yellow brick road paved out for him by the media. This also means that they may be wondering who is actually in charge of this country.  Read More
Mom Speaks Out As White Son Terrorized at Public School
by Alex Newman on June 22nd, 2021
With her son being bullied and targeted by teachers and students for being a white male as Critical Race Theory indoctrination takes the place of academics, a distraught mother in Ames, Iowa, has finally had enough.  Read More
Graduates Warned of White Supremacy, Pledge One Nation Under Allah
by David Fiorazo on June 17th, 2021
It’s one thing to cancel the Pledge of Allegiance in many American schools across the U.S. It’s another thing to lead students in pledging allegiance to a false god. But this is what happened recently at a VA high school graduation.  Read More