Hollywood Hypocrisy and the Oscars  

  By: David Fiorazo
   Published : February 26, 2019

Wait, the Oscars took place Sunday and nobody told me? Judging from the ratings, I’m not the only American that tuned out years ago. Hollywood’s open rebellion against God, proud promotion of the perverse, obsession with self, along with hours of narcissism have become tedious for millions of Americans. But how can we not call attention to some of the most glaring hypocrisy on the planet?

Okay, first, let’s get this out of the way right now. This is Billy Porter. Who you ask? Exactly. He’s a gay, Broadway actor that needed a little extra attention in Hollywood.

Celebrities have created gods in their own image and your kids are watching as media from coast to coast celebrate this. Maybe the Christian church needs to get back to teaching about God, the Creator; about sex, biblical marriage, sin and repentance.

Hollywood elites think they have it all - fame, fortune, worldly success, the fawning approval of their fans, but deep down many of them are some of the most empty, insecure, and lost people who need Jesus.

They need the good news of the One who died to pay the penalty for their sins and ours. The clock of eternity is ticking, but no one is without hope; not even Hollywood.

At the Oscars, an underlying theme is to shame lesser citizens who apparently don’t know any better and voted for President Trump. Celebrities just can’t resist being political – and hypocritical.

Just ten minutes into the broadcast, someone mockingly said, “Mexico is not paying for the border wall.”

Hollywood elites don’t seems to see the irony in wealthy people having armed security guards and live in a gated community or residence - with a wall around it – who vociferously oppose building a wall to protect America’s southern border.

They take it a step further and call it “immoral” to keep people out. Wait. By whose standard? Since they deny that God set a fixed foundation of morality, we now make up our own truth, don’t we?

But think about this: you just can’t step onto the red carpet and walk into the Oscars - or any Awards show in Hollywood. They have security – lots of it, with guns, I’m quite sure. Are you following? Do you lock your doors at night? Why? Isn’t that being intolerant of someone who may need what you have in your house?

But if we want to protect our own children from drugs, gangs, sex-trafficking, and violence, they call us racists who hate immigrants and children. Which, by the way, illegal immigration costs America $135 billion a year.

Now, if you’re a liberal Democrat and have been out of the loop or fasting politics for a year, you can just tune into the Oscars and catch up on some of the party talking points.

Later in the show, with an image of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg projected behind her, Jennifer Hudson sang a song from the movie “RBG” honoring the aging justice.

Next, in a quote tweeted by ABC News Politics, director, Spike Lee said:

"The 2020 presidential election is around the corner. Let's all mobilize. Let's all be on the right side of history. Make the moral choice between love versus hate. Let's do the right thing!"
“Right” in whose opinion? Lee is clearly rallying all the elites in the Oscar audience as well as liberals watching on TV. They’ve been doing this for years now, but they think they’ve cornered the market on the so-called “right side of history.”

Whose history? For me and my house, we’ll stay on God’s side. He’s right all the time.

The most laughable thing Spike Lee did was to bring up morality. They preach moral choices and then sacrifice viable babies on the altar of convenience – under the guise of “choice” of course.

So practice the opposite when it comes to the way Hollywood and the left treats Christians, conservatives, Republicans, and those who disagree with their warped worldview.

To truly love is to tell others the truth no matter how unpopular it might be or no matter how they might react. We lovingly share they gospel because sin is man’s greatest problem, not walls, not global warming or income inequality.

By the way, Bernie Sanders, a man who owns at least three homes, spent $342,000 on private jet travel in the last two years, and preaches about wealth redistribution.

On that note, let’s conclude by pointing out some of the richest in the world who made the list of Hollywood’s Most Hypocritical Environmentalists. These and other celebrity elites fly around the world on private jets, own multiple homes, yachts, SUV’s, they have servants, pools, and water their massive lawns and gardens.

Leo DiCaprio tops the list that includes Julia Roberts, Al Gore, James Cameron, Arianna Huffington, Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz, and John Travolta who owns five private jets himself and travels 30,000 miles a year.

We could name hundreds, but the point is don’t buy their ideology or elevate them as role models. Pray for them to come to know the truth. If they did, imagine the influence they would have for good.

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