Top Ten Videos Of Christ & Culture    

  By: David Fiorazo
   Published : June 11, 2019

We’ve been doing these weekly Christ and Culture videos for a year and a half, and we’ve addressed some of the most controversial, hot-button issues. The most popular video in the series currently has over 465,000 views! So today, I thought it would be fun to share with you what people are most interested in, so coming up next, the top ten Christ and Culture videos.

You might be surprised by a few topics that trigger people, and disappointed at a few that don’t. Three of the top five videos have to do with children and the public schools. Transgenderism didn’t even make our top 5 and illegal immigration didn’t get into the top ten.

So what resonates with the Freedom Project audience where Christianity in America is concerned? Immorality being pushed on our kids, and evil being promoted as good.

Starting at number 10 with 70K views, anti-Semite feminist and Muslim, Linda Sarsour suggested people stop humanizing the Jews. As one of the organizers of the liberal Women’s March, Sarsour refused to allow women who oppose abortion and same-sex marriage to take part in the Washington D.C. event last year.

The 9th most popular video has 76K views. Hollywood’s Jim Carrey, Alyssa Milano and others unintentionally helped the pro-life cause by their extreme tactics and position on abortion. Carrey went so far as to suggest pro-life Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey should have been aborted.

The number 8 video with over 82K views is about the ungodly sexualization of our children and the normalization of perversity. From LGBTQ propaganda, drag queens, nine-year old transgender children, and eight year-old girls in beauty pageants and dance competitions, the left is going after kids at younger and younger ages.

Video number 7 is from just a few weeks back when we exposed the shallowness of the prosperity gospel and Joel Osteen’s ‘Cotton Candy Christianity.’ At 92K views, we discuss a biblical perspective on false teachings and this gospel that’s centered on life enhancement.

Number 6, the persecution of Christians around the world is such an important issue along with the silence of the complicit, liberal media. With over 103K views, “Media Refuses to Report on Mass Murder of Christians.”

We’re in the top 5 now. Founder of the “Shout Your Abortion” movement, Amelia Bonow, says abortion is part of God’s plan; it just “removes the pregnancy.” At 118 K views, the title of this one says it all: “Kids are Told Getting an Abortion is like Going to the Dentist.”

Christ and Culture video number 4 exposes the warped worldview of the abortion business and the dark history of America’s culture of death going back a hundred years. At 121K views, we expose Planned Parenthood founder, racist and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger.

At number 3, with nearly 200K views, we deal with government schools and the intolerance so many administrators show when it comes to God, the Bible, and the Christian faith – while just about anything else is allowed! This happened in a school cafeteria. The title: “Principal Warns Students Not to Pray in Public.”

Now we have a big jump for the number 2 video with over 377K views! The debate continues in the American churches about religious freedom and politics, and we discuss the question, ‘should Bible-believing Christians support the Democrat Party when its platform is about as radical and anti-God as you can get?’

And the number 1 most popular Christ and Culture video is still picking up shares on various social media platforms. Again we see a majority of parents concerned about the Christian God being kicked out of schools while Islam and other religions are tolerated. So, drum roll, please!

The most popular video according to you – with over 465K views is about a classroom assignment, “Public School Tells Students to Write “There is no God but Allah.” Can you imagine if a teacher had students write “Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life”?

So there you have it; a year and a half under our belts and God-willing, many more videos and articles to come in this Christ and Culture series. And by the way, you can find more extensive information along with links, in the written article that goes with each week’s video.

To recap, here are the Top Ten videos with number of views:

465K – Public School Tells Students to Write "There Is No God but Allah"
377K – Should Christians Support The Democrat Party?
195K – Principal Warns Students Not To Pray In Public Spaces
121K – Margaret Sanger: The Tragic Birth of Planned Parenthood
118K – Kids Told Getting an Abortion Is Like Going to the Dentist
103K – Media Refuses To Report on Mass Murder of Christians
92K – Joel Osteen and Cotton Candy Christianity
82K – Why Are We Normalizing the Sexualization Of Children?
76K – Hollywood, Leftists Mistakenly Help Pro-Life Cause
70K – Democrats Praise Muslim Activist Who Says Jews Aren't Human

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