We Were Created to Work and Worship, Not Isolate    

  By: David Fiorazo
   Published : May 12, 2020

It’s been well established human interaction is vital to our overall health. But who saw this coming? Back in March, we were told that in order to avoid catching the coronavirus and prevent hospitals and medical workers from being overrun, entire states had to follow mitigation strategies recommended by national disease specialists.

Governors got heavily involved. Shelter in place orders were given state by state and social distancing protocol has been practiced. But these were supposed to be temporary orders that people stay in their homes and avoid traveling, with the exception of acquiring necessary items, such as groceries and gasoline.

And the U.S. unemployment rate is now up to 14.7% - the worst since the Great Depression, the media gleefully keeps reminding us. In addition, experts are predicting a spike in suicides and a substantial increase in depression. We’re already seeing it. Consumer confidence is way down and sales of alcohol are way up.

Callers to Help Lines are up 30% with people experiencing anxiety and loneliness. More than ever, we need to turn to God, and connect with others! But get this: as hopelessness skyrockets, tens of thousands of churches are closed.

Quarantines aren't supposed to be for healthy people. And now, many Governors have declared distinctions between “essential workers” and “non-essential workers” and more businesses are closing, some for good. Industries and supply chains have been altered, but one of the most concerning things is how easy it was for government to take freedom and power from people across the U.S.

A friend of mine over at Renew America recently wrote an article on the madness. Robert Meyer states:

"We were told that the objective of this strategy was to “flatten the yield curve,” that is, the normal progression of an infectious disease is extended out into the near future by slowing its spread, rather than allowing large populations to be infected all at the same time.

… But then something happened that frequently happens in fluid situations: those in charge began moving the goalposts. Governors extended the sheltering orders claiming the need to achieve new objectives that were never explicitly stated before. All of a sudden the reason for these orders became that they were necessary to save lives, so arbitrary or vague standards were set as the new goals necessary to lift the quarantines.

Now we were told new cases must drop by a certain amount for so many consecutive days, and there has to be a certain volume of testing, etc. It raised the obvious objection that as testing is increased, so will the number of new cases, thus making it difficult, if not impossible, to reach the standards in a short period of time."
As a result, there have been many “Re-Open America” protests at state capitals in various parts of the country where thousands of concerned citizens rallied for their jobs, civil rights, families, and even for the country they love. People were told to stay home and that they were being irresponsible and were going to kill others by spreading the virus.

The collective crickets you now hear from the liberal media tell us that even though these protests were weeks ago, there is no evidence of any outbreaks in these cities. The whole country doesn’t have to act like New York, whose Mayor and Governor should be held accountable for the thousands of deaths in nursing homes alone.

And now after months of a public quarantine for non-essential workers, many Christians are getting restless. We miss our church families and need to gather with likeminded people of faith for encouragement, biblical teaching from God’s Word, and to be reminded of our hope in Christ. We are His hands and feet, not his iPhone or computer.

You can find alcohol, pornography, or marijuana, but can you find a prayer meeting? And what’s wrong with this picture? Abortion businesses have also stayed open – because in our “civilized” society, those in power determined it is essential to have access to murder your unwanted offspring. But the right to freely and peacefully assemble with those we love in the comfort of our churches is denied.

Walmart, Costco, Target, and Home Depot are crowded. Does one of the most important liberties in the U.S. Constitution cover corporations and abortion businesses, but it doesn’t apply to churches and small businesses? I understand we want to obey governing authorities, but civil government does not have unlimited authority!

The good news is I’m finally seeing some headlines about Christians pushing back. Pastors and churches from Oregon and California to Texas, Kentucky, Illinois, and Virginia are petitioning their local emperors, I mean governors, stating their intent to gather and hold services. Remember, the Apostle Paul appealed to Ceasar!

At what point can we say we’ve complied and obeyed local ordinances, and now we are compelled to get back to worshipping together? A handful of tyrants are now saying the lock-downs must be extended through July or even the end of the year. Do the facts justify this?

Now, every church is different and not one size fits all.

The Greek word translated “church” is ekklesia, which means a gathering or a “public assembly” of people. We can use wisdom and caution. The elderly and immune compromised should remain at home. We can follow social distancing guidelines. We need to come together. We’re adults, we’re not children.

Things are going to get more interesting, but hang in there, keep praying, and maintain your perspective. God is not shaken or surprised by any of this. Charles Spurgeon once said:

“God is both a wall and a well to His people; a wall to guard them from their adversaries, and a well to supply all their needs out of His ever-living, over-flowing fullness.”
The Bible says the Lord is our Rock, refuge, and strength (Psalm 46:1-2), therefore we will not fear! He is with us in times of trouble and will never leave us. Great is His faithfulness, His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). No matter where things go from here, He is in control; and if you fix your eyes on Jesus, you will not be shaken.

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