Liberal Lies and the Fake News Problem    

  By: David Fiorazo
   Published : August 7, 2018

Many American citizens have very little respect for the extremely biased mainstream media – and rightly so. Some still refer to them as “journalists,” but let’s not go that far. The media as a whole is not an enemy of the people but they certainly are part of the fake news epidemic in this country. I do not agree, however, with shouting them down at events or hurling insults at them. Battle the bias with facts and truth.

Apparently, CNN’s Jim Acosta felt threatened at a recent Trump rally when people were shouting things like “CNN sucks.” Afterward, Acosta revealed how he really feels about Republicans and conservatives and said:

“I felt like I wasn’t even in America anymore.”
Commentators on the major networks, MSNBC and of course, CNN most often put a liberal spin on the news, withhold facts, and at times even lie, but we should not follow the mob tactics and intolerance employed by the Left.

But I do understand how some folks are frustrated with the Democrats running most of today’s media, especially when their reporting on President Trump has been documented to be over 90% negative.

And when there’s good economic news to report, they’ll often find other things to talk about. Very little was said about positive job numbers released Friday showing another strong employment report from last month. According to CNS News:

The Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics says a record 155,965,000 people were employed in July, the 11th record-breaker since President Trump took office…

The majority in the media ignore or minimizes the facts, which is part of an established pattern and sadly, they chose sides long ago.

For example, remember Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party?

Let’s flashback to yet another example of blatant bias by the liberal media.

During the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements, there was a stark difference in how the media reported on the two. I’ll say this slowly: In the first nine days of coverage, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) drew 24 broadcast stories; the Tea Party received 19 stories – in the first nine months!

This is not journalism.

The media practically ignored over 7,000 arrests in 122 different cities where OWS held rallies. Charges included civil disobedience, disturbing the peace, trespassing, drug use, and vandalism. Police rap sheets showed dozens of inci-dents of sexual assault, violence, and extortion. There were at least nine deaths.

Plus, groups openly supporting OWS included the Communist Party USA, Louis Farrakhan and Nation of Islam, CAIR, American Nazi Party, Marxist Student Union, and Socialist Party of America.

What about the Tea Party? Tens of millions of American patriots mobilized. They flew their flags at peaceful rallies and they’re proud of America’s founders and our Constitution. These patriots love America.

CNN accused Tea Party protestors of “rabble rousing.” The Democrat National Committee called them “rabid right-wing extremists.” ABC said they were a “mob.” Harry Reid called them “evil mongers.” Nancy Pelosi said they were “un-American.”

This is what the left thinks about today’s deplorable Trump supporters.

But despite all this, please don’t stoop to their level. Don’t censor or insult anyone, and don’t shout them down. Fighting hate with hate won’t solve anything.

Try to have respectful conversations and debates - even if they refuse. Even if they’re blind to their own godless ideology and refuse to acknowledge the facts. Use self-control and be civil. It won’t change the media, but it might open up a respectful conversation.

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