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Male Cheerleaders, NFL Diversity or Just a Distraction?    

  By: David Fiorazo
   Published : August 14, 2018

It’s quite the conundrum for modern feminists. With the NFL’s first male cheerleaders, diversity wins over tradition, truth, and even feminism. The NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints are breaking the mold and making history by hiring the first male dancers to their cheerleading squads. What could go wrong?

President Trump, please do not weigh in on this one – it’s a no win situation, even for the NFL. I’m just wondering if we’ll hear any complaints from feminists if and when more cheerleading jobs are taken from women. Probably not – as long as males taking those jobs are gay or transgender.

I know it’s not politically correct to disagree with LGBTQ progress, but when moral relativism reigns, anything goes. Just ask like the upset parents who spoke out earlier this year when their daughters got smoked in a high school track meet when two biological boys won the 100-yard dash. Uh, I mean, two “transgender girls.” One took first and the other placed second, knocking off two top female runners.

The NFL has been battling decreasing ratings as well as image problems for several years now as players continue protesting by boycotting America’s National Anthem. Many of us aren’t even sure exactly what they’re protesting anymore.

With the growth, power, and cultural domination of the LGBTQ movement, perhaps the NFL thinks male cheerleaders will be a positive distraction. Feminists disagree, but this is a catch 22 for them.

For decades, NFL cheerleaders have been used as sex objects in order to get men to watch more football – or get them interested in beer. Maybe both. This has been acceptable.

But don’t you feel sorry for feminists? This is quite the dilemma for them. What if Ariana Grande made her ‘God is a Woman’ anthem into a screenplay, and Hollywood ended up casting a gay man to play the leading role? She’d be torn but better not say anything.

And one more thing: President Trump needs to stay out of the NFL’s business. They’ve been doing damage control and, lacking self-restraint, he sends a Tweet and it takes the focus off of the divisive politics of the NFL.

Pro football players are paid millions of dollars and fans across the country are willing to give the NFL their hard-earned money to watch a game – but fans also see a number of players refuse to stand during the National Anthem. Some don’t even come out on the field while the U.S. military presents the flag and the anthem is sung. To them, it is disrespectful.

Some television networks are now skipping the National Anthem so fans watching at home don’t even know it took place. What I’m hearing however, is many fans are now skipping the number of games they attend or watch on TV – or boycotting the NFL altogether.

To millions of Americans who still value God and country, male cheerleaders are just a temporary sideshow.

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