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Murkowski SCOTUS Vote Could Open Door For Sarah Palin    

  By: David Fiorazo
   Published : October 9, 2018

Most people know that the only Republican, and I use that word loosely here, to vote with the Democrats against now confirmed Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, was Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Fox News host, Laura Ingrahm thinks a serious conservative Republican should run against Murkowski. She even tweeted:

But conservatives and deplorables alike perked up a bit when someone else commented about the Murkowski debacle. And it was brilliant. Former Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin tweeted:

Palin was referring to the lie promoted by Saturday Night Live in 2008 claiming she said she could see Russia from her house. Palin’s message led some to believe she may challenge Murkowski for the seat. Remember, it was Palin who defeated Murkowski’s father, another liberal Republican, in the 2006 Alaska primary for governor.

I honestly don’t think Sarah Palin will run again for anything – nor should she – knowing the abusive, biased, and intolerant treatment she received from the media, Hollywood, and academia to name a few. And it’s just gotten worse!

Have you forgotten one of the most despicable and revealing presidential campaign cycles in American history? The 2008 election of the Left’s savior, Barack Obama, exposed the duplicity and hypocrisy of the media and sadly, the ignorance of an uninformed electorate.

I was compelled to document some of the worst alleged journalism when I wrote a chapter, ”They Love to Hate Sarah Palin,” in my first book, ERADICATE.

Before we review a little history, remember in 2016 when the liberal media was exposed as 78% of voters said the news coverage of the presidential campaign was biased; nearly 60% said the media were rooting for Clinton.

But what happened in 2008 should be taught in journalism classes and should go down as the final nail in the coffin of media objectiv¬ity. The character assassination, personal attacks, and brutal political assault on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin should not have been allowed to happen.

Until the presidency of Donald Trump, I had never seen so much hatred toward one person trumpeted by the media. Part of the problem, and the media knows this, is people tend to believe half-truths or lies, if they are repeated often enough.

Fair-minded citizens should not forget what happened. Here’s a quick look at a few Post-election headlines from 2008:
  • Rasmussen: By 10-to-1 Margin, Public Says Reporters ‘Tried to Hurt Palin’
  • PEW: By Nearly 8-to-1, Voters Say Journalists Wanted Obama to Win
  • By 5-to-1 Public Thinks Most Journalists Tried to Elect Obama
As if we needed more evidence, journalists overwhelmingly donate money to Democrats over Republicans and in terms of dollars given, it was a 15-to1 ratio. What about employees of big media companies? Their campaign donation ratio is 100-to-1 favoring Democrats.

So how are journalists supposed to report and what standards have they abandoned?

Here are a few basic Principles of Journalism:
  1. Journalism’s first obligation is to tell the truth
  2. Its first loyalty is to citizens
  3. Its essence is a discipline of verification
  4. Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover
  5. It must serve as an independent monitor of power
I’m sure you’ve witnessed the stark contrast in media coverage when there is a Democrat president compared to when we have a Republican administration.

These issues of such extreme bias stem from an intolerant, anti-Christian worldview cultivated through decades and decades of godless indoctrination in an education system and culture that has become hostile toward people of faith.

Sarah Palin was and is hated, not for what she has done: she had the highest approval rating of any governor in U.S. history, but for who she is – a pro-life Christian conservative. She is also hated because she is a strong, family-oriented, successful woman. Liberal Feminists can’t stand her because she accomplished so much in her career while raising five children.

She seems genuinely happy with her life and that bugs them too. The foundational reason they hate her, however, may be that her joy comes from an authentic faith in Jesus Christ. Palin promotes a passion for life: she loves her God, her family, and her country.

A reminder that Sarah Palin is seeking God’s heart is the fact she and her husband Todd gave birth to a child with Down syndrome ten years ago. The Palins welcomed their son, Trig, as the special gift from God that he is. By choosing life and being in the public eye, they showed a watching world that every human life is to be valued instead of a “problem” to be dealt with as the pro-abortion crowd believes.

That makes the mob furious, as we’ve seen during the Kavanaugh senate hearings.

The irrational hatred toward Sarah Palin cannot be explained in the usual terms of politics and ideology.

Many elites, progressives, liberals, and socialists have con¬tempt for Sarah Palin and the rest of us who have faith in Jesus Christ. They are their own gods, so they treat Palin with hostility, vitriol, disdain, and maliciousness. These are symptoms of the overall culture war in America.

The root cause is always spiritual, and it begins in the human heart. In his outstand¬ing book, How Evil Works, author David Kupelian explained:

“Haven’t you ever wondered why, when someone on the public stage radiates noble character, common sense and natural grace – like Ronald Reagan did, or more recently Sarah Palin – he or she is regarded by the ‘big media’ with an inexplicable revulsion? Hatred is almost too soft a word. It’s because Reagan and Palin manifest the very qualities of character that the jaded media elite lost long ago, and since being thus reminded of their lost innocence is painful and unwelcome, they feel compelled to attack the ‘reminder."
If you’re a Christian or true conservative, I’m sure you can relate.

In this age of the 24/7 news cycle and social media, we know the attacks, delusions, distortions, and misin¬formation will continue at breakneck speed – and so will the hate. Let’s not stoop to their level. Speak the truth and call attention to their hypocrisy, but don’t lose focus. Having the freedom to share our faith must be our top priority.

Because without the one living God, people have no true hope.

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