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Exploiting Children: The Next Agenda of the Left?  

  By: David Fiorazo
   Published : January 22, 2019

Have you heard about the latest craze? Drag queens, story times, and parents of drag kids are normalizing the bizarre and sadly, paving the way for sexual abuse including pedophilia. How does the #MeToo movement approve of this? Some of us saw this coming years ago, but how did we get to the point of openly sexualizing innocent children – and promoting it as acceptable?

Let’s start with Nemis, a ten year-old boy in Canada who goes by “Lactacia,” and was featured in a troubling magazine article promoting the life of a so-called "child drag queen." In a shocking photo, a man who goes by the name “Violet,” and recently won a reality competition called, "RuPaul's Drag Race," is seen naked, wearing nothing but a small piece of fabric covering his genitals, standing next to a ten-year-old child who poses seductively.

They boy’s mother, Jessica Melancon, is unapologetic, and allows Nemis to wear whatever he wants because he’s just expressing himself and it "makes him feel beautiful." To those who say it’s child exploitation and unhealthy, she adds:

“There is so much more going on in the world right now which is more horrifying and terrifying than my child wearing fancy shoes and a skirt. This shouldn’t be on anyone’s list of priorities.”
Liz Wheeler is a host on One America News Network, and recently commented on the photo in her show segment, Final Point. She asked,

"Are drag queens exempt from the laws protecting children from adult sexual predators? …"Tell me how this is possibly OK. Tell me how this is not child abuse. …What makes this any different from child pornography?"
The media is all in. A few months back, rather than protect children from sexual exploitation, what did ABC’s Good Morning America do? They were complicit in this destructive behavior by featuring an 11-year-old named Desmond Napoles on a show. The approving audience acted like clapping seals, programmed to conform to the spectacle. Watch:

Then in December, Desmond performed a sexually-suggestive dance in full drag at a New York City gay bar called 3 Dollar Bill. The boy received dollar bills from the adult males in the audience, as one might see in a strip club. Desmond wore a skimpy outfit and a blond wig as he danced to Gwen Stefani's "I'm Just A Girl" stirring up the crowd of lusting men.

You do see where this is going, don’t you? Have you ever heard of NAMBLA?

Theologian and Christian Post contributor, Fay Voshell believes this will lead to the reinventing of society:

"The dreams of organizations like the North American Man Boy Love Association, which advocates the open practice of deviant sexualities… are finally being realized… Will we continue to allow open season on children… or will we rise up in outrage against the mainstreaming of sexual deviancy?"
Some have suggested that this phenomena of children in drag is the result of decades of silence of Bible-believing Christians in the face of LGBTQ agendas. Others say it is due to the dumbing down of America and redefining of what it means to be a human being.

Hyper-sexualization of children is not limited to boys. Beauty pageants objectify young girls, and dance competitions train children to emulate pop culture including adult gestures, moves, and costumes. Some are dressed-up like prostitutes and taught to gyrate seductively by their moms and their coaches.

In dance studios around the nation, there has been an increase in sexualized routines. Check out a performance clip of eight and nine year-old girls dancing in their classes and competitions:

Does this attract pedophiles, child molesters and rapists? Why are so many adults just going along with all this?

Things that were once unthinkable have become mainstream.

Adultery and abortion used to be mentioned in hushes and whispers but now, proudly proclaimed and justified by millions of Americans. The sexual revolution took immorality to a new level, and soon homosexuality became accepted.

Throw in bisexuality, gender confusion and transition surgery, and same-sex marriage; now children are added to the mix because anything goes – except biblical morality, of course. And if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle or behavior you’re a bigot, hater or homophobe.

So how do we respond? Always with love and patience. Pray for them and be reminded some are very unhappy in life. We need to love them and offer the hope and peace found only in Jesus Christ. And by loving them, I mean tell them the truth about salvation and sin; about God, and how every human being is created in His image, special and unique, worthy of respect and dignity.

Live counter-culture, seek God’s approval, and trust Him with the rest.

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