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Campus Hate-Crime Hoax Epidemic: Dr. Duke’s Final Fix    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : January 18, 2018

As The College Fix has carefully documented, there is an alarming rise in fake campus hate crime reports More and more, pressured minority students feel compelled to report hate incidents that never happened. Many of these hate crime hoaxes are the result of university faculty and administrators, who condition students to treat simple differences between cultures and personalities as willful oppression.

So, what is the fix?

First, faculty and administrators must stop inventing micro-aggressions out of thin air, convincing students that wearing a costume, or celebrating another culture’s holidays, or asking someone what part of the world they are from, or even daring to defend free speech, are the equivalent of hate and violence. By driving impressionable students to over-react to such trivial incidents, campus faculty and administrators become blind guides, teaching students to “strain out a gnat,” while “swallowing a camel.” Such needless incitement creates a campus “gotcha” culture, where taking offense becomes nothing more than a high-stakes game of “Where’s Waldo.” First prize goes to the student most able to sight imaginary needles in nonexistent haystacks. And removing Orwellian “bias response teams”—censorship posses in search of an outrage—would be a good first step in bringing ideological sobriety back to campus relations.

Secondly, faculty and administrators must teach students to see people as individuals, not just as cogs in the machinery of race, class, gender, and sexuality studies. In convincing generations of students that only men can be sexist, only Caucasians can be racist, and only the rich can be greedy, they have created a campus landscape where fake hate crimes against certain out-of-favor groups aren’t crimes at all, but rather social justice exercises in speaking truth to power. For the Academic Left—which is to say Academia in general—the more outlandish the hate-crime hoax, the more proof of the underlying oppression being lied about in the first place.

Every individual, of any race, creed, and culture, is obviously capable of hate on the grounds of race, class, or gender, and is therefore capable of engaging in hate crimes, not just reporting them. To deny this on the paternalistic grounds of social justice theorizing is to deny individuals from minority communities the basic human right to choose their own beliefs, responses, and even prejudices.

But viewed solely through the prism of left-wing social justice tribalism, hate crimes are a one-way street, and must be treated as true—or at least as indicative of broader truths—despite the lack of evidence, intent, or truth. And if our colleges and universities are no longer places that prioritize evidence, intent, and truth, then what necessary purpose do they serve at all?

And that’s the final fix.

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