Trump Presidency Is Alien To The Left    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : March 15, 2019

Make. America. Great. Again. Since those four little words were arranged in that order and spoken by Donald Trump, everyone has lost their ever-loving minds.

The phrase has been truncated to MAGA and splashed upon every piece of imaginable apparel and banners galore, oftentimes with a solid red background and white font. Since its inception, the red has become Pavlovian in response, be it positive or more often triggering. There has not been this much comeuppance over something red since Tickle Me Elmo circa 1996.

People have the freedom to love or hate the slogan, but in more rapid succession since now-President Trump announced the phrase as his campaign slogan, response to the phrase has become vitriolic. Accounts of violence against people wearing a piece of apparel with the slogan have increased and are coming from all areas of public life. Most disturbingly are the accounts of violence in our government schools, where our children are being physically, verbally, and emotionally attacked.

On Friday, March 1, a group of students at Perry High School in Gilbert, Ariz., decided to wear pro-Trump apparel and bring a Trump banner that said Make America Great Again. The students picked this day because it was a school spirit day with a theme of Party in the USA. And while everything was fine for the first half of the day, the students were told at lunch they had to put the banner away because it created a “safety concern.” The students complied, but the trouble did not stop there.

The students decided to pose for a photo with their apparel and banner after school, when they noticed the school resource officer taking photos of them, though they never gave permission. The officer, on behalf of the school principal, then sought the students’ names. The situation escalated when parents found out and one student was suspended, though the school claims it was not because of the Trump gear.

But just one week later, a real safety concern was present in Martin County, Florida concerning a Hidden Oaks Middle School student who was appears to be physically assaulted by a school bus aide for simply wearing the MAGA hat. Surveillance video captured the aide—who is now being investigated by police—ordering the boy to take the hat off of his head.

“She, like, threatened me with a referral and threatened to turn the bus around. I said ‘write me up, I didn’t do anything wrong’, and then she yanked my hat off. It was crazy,” 14-year-old Gunnar Johansson said.

And then there is the case of a para-educator at Tabb High School in Yorktown, Va., who was seen in a now-viral Facebook video, taking a student’s “Trump 2020” flag and wrapping it around his neck. The school says it is investigating.

These are just three incidents, all in a short period of time, and the actions being done by the aggressors are escalating. It is clear to anyone paying attention that Making America Great Again is not on the agenda of government schools. They are too busy talking about transgenderism, sexualization of children, and going Red for Ed with the striking teachers unions. And they are clearly in favor of supporting our president, or even presidential candidate, so long as his or her name is not Donald Trump. (Flashback to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama support with children robotically mouthing “Sing for Change”).

It is not the color red that bothers the educrats; it is simply that they do not want America to be the America they should have learned or be teaching about in history class. They do not want a great America, not now or ever. And that is why you are now seeing the same sentiment on the college campuses and in the halls of Congress. On any given day, listen to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) or Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). One of Omar’s most recent assaults includes the assertion that President Trump is not even human.

We are a culture at the point where we cannot even consider humanity toward our fellow man. That should terrify you and call you to action. But, it is America (for now), and you are free to decide if you want to help make a great America.

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