Pelosi Wants 16-Year-Olds To Vote … Remember Tide Pods?!    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : March 22, 2019

Every day Americans are being alerted to the latest ideas out of the mouths of politicians. Unfortunately, many of them are awful, including what recently was spouted off by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) at her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill, when she discussed “capturing” children for purposes of voting.

“It's really important to capture kids when they're in high school, when they're interested in all of this, when they're learning about government, to be able to vote,” Pelosi said on Thursday, March 14.

Pelosi claimed she has always been in favor of lowering the voting age to 16. But she made a Freudian slip when she used the term “capture” to describe having the teenagers vote. To capture someone or something is to “take into one’s possession or control by force.”

And that is true in their viewpoint, but they are not supposed to say it out loud. Pelosi and her comrades do want to control by force, so why not get the students a few years earlier when they are more malleable. From their perspective, all it takes to get the kids to vote for the big D is whispering “free.” Pelosi does not want to give the students freedom, but rather free stuff. Be it free college, free healthcare, free puppies, as long as it is pitched to them as being free-ninety-nine, teenagers will check the boxes Pelosi desires.

Pelosi also laid claim that high school students are “interested in all of this.” Now stop for a moment to when you were in high school and ask how much you were interested in and informed about the American government. Should you have been given the right to vote as a sophomore in high school?

There are students who are civically minded at a young age, but who also are patient and understand the logic behind waiting until adulthood to be given the responsibility in voting. Based on the millennial representation found in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), it has been some time since that logic has been understood by the vast majority. It was about the same time government schools stopped teaching about the government’s organization as a republic and started preaching about social justice nonsense.

And that is why politicians must now lure the next generation with empty promises. Think of it as a teenager’s version of luring kids with candy (not the Tide Pods version). This time it is with their vote in exchange for “free” everything. This plays right into what the Democrats are giving away as promises. There is little wonder then why teenagers of today are less likely to get a part-time job, unless, of course, they make the magic number of $15 per hour. Yet, Pelosi wants these children to be able to vote with implications for the spending of American tax dollars.

There was a time when lowering the voting age was of serious concern. During World War II and Vietnam, the voting age was still 21, but after much debate and reasoning that if America’s youngest men can be sent off to war and die for the country, they should get the right to vote, action was taken. In 1970, the Supreme Court said, by way of the Oregon v. Mitchell decision, that Congress could set the voting age requirements for national elections. The next year, the 26th Amendment was adopted, setting the minimum voting age at 18 years.

At that time, there was a proven vested interest in lowering the voting age to 18, but what about now to move it to 16? How far down the rabbit hole will this lead? Pelosi wants to rely on the teenagers to vote her crazy ideas into office, but the rest of sanity surely does not. Unfortunately, we do not have as much sanity left as it may take to stop her and the 2020 presidential candidates.

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