Our Kids Are Not For Your Appropriation    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : October 25, 2019

American society remains hypersensitive and concerned about cultural appropriation in the form of costumes at this time of year, while turning a blind eye to the target placed upon our children.

It may have been a new week, but it was the same old hijacking of our children’s innocence, though it grew more wretched, reaching a new precipice, as a jury in Dallas, Texas determined that a mother could chemically castrate her seven-year-old son despite objection from the boy’s father.

The case of James Younger is one that all of America must understand and stand up to for what it is: child abuse. Jeffrey Younger, the father of James and twin brother Jude, fought in a jury case for Sole Managing Conservatorship of the previously married couple’s twin boys. This would mean complete authority in determining medical and psychological decisions for the boys.

However, in an 11-1 ruling, the jury determined on Monday, Oct. 21 that Dr. Anne Georgulas, a pediatrician, was able to continue transitioning the boy into “Luna,” whom she claims is the real identity of her son. Evidence to the contrary is found in simple biology, but even James, when he was just three years old, was being fed the lie as perpetrated by his mother.

Mainstream media has done its usual lack of due diligence in reporting the case, because the simple science of it all would clearly go against the narrative that they push upon the public. The media continued to ignore the situation, even after cries and pleas of conservative media and those close to the situation had been made to Gov. Greg Abbott, as well as representatives, senators, and other officials in the state and federal government.

Fortunately, good news did come out of the story by the end of the week, as Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th district ruled on Thursday, Oct. 24 that the parents would have joint conservatorship, meaning father Jeffrey, the only adult authority figure in James’ life who has been fighting for him to remain who he is, will be included in making his medical decisions. However, a gag order was stipulated for Jeffrey, so no more information will be coming from him.

This story is of one parent wanting his child to grow into who he is meant to be, while the other parent wants to dictate her wishes and fantasies upon a child. In certain regards, the case is not over. It will never be over unless good Americans finally take the stand that enough is enough.

And it must be done now if American culture is to be preserved in any sense of what it has been since its founding. But as was clearly seen, this week was also hijacked by a number of others, including Dr. Rachel McKinnon, a transgender female (that is to say a male) who took the gold medal in the 35-39 age category sprint at the Masters Track World Championship in Manchester, England. Then the Always brand bowed down to the LGBTQ pretend world because outrage determined that having the Venus symbol on the menstrual products’ packaging is offensive to transgender and non-binary customers. And finally, Kellogg’s revealed that it had a cardboard spine after it introduced the limited edition cereal called “All Together.,” because even cereal must be inclusive to the LGBTQ agenda.

Sadly, the list of examples could go on. There is no bounds for which the leftist agenda will attack. They are literally coming after our children, our most vulnerable. What will be the response?

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