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All About Katie Petrick    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : September 13, 2017

Hey everybody! Healthy Republic kicks off next week, but before I spout off at you, it’s only fair that you know a little about me. That’s what my producer told me at least. So, without further ado, I will provide insight into the mind of this millennial. John Mellencamp described my upbringing in his 1985 classic, “Small Town.” I was raised on cash crop farm, so I can pick stones with the best of them. I was able to leave the farm and further my horizons, traveling to various countries, including England, Greece, and Germany. Now I have little time to travel, as I am a workaholic, spending my weekends slinging vegetables at the local farmers market and then doing the complete opposite of healthy promotion by slinging caramel apples and pies at a local apple orchard. One word to describe me is parsimonious, but the one thing I will spend money on is coffee. I love coffee, and more specifically caramel lattes (like a true basic girl should). I am pretty confident that half of my caloric intake derives from lattes.

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