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Socialists Love Capitalism on Black Friday    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : November 14, 2017

Christmas lights are strung and holiday cheer has begun, which means Black Friday is just around the corner and hypocrites will be out in force.

This year will prove another opportunity for those who “believe” in either socialism or communism economic and political regimes to show their true colors by taking advantage of all that the free markets of capitalism provide. As recent studies reveal, the hypocrisy will be undeniable, particularly within the millennial generation.

According to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s most recent survey, a whopping 44 percent of millennials would prefer to live under a socialist regime as opposed to a capitalist system, which is America’s chosen economic arrangement. Another seven percent said they preferred a communist state. However, only one-third of these same individuals can define the term “socialism.” Basically, they do not know what socialism is, but they know that they want it. Indoctrination much?

The preference for socialism in this generation is much higher than in the rest of the citizenry. In the combined generations, 59 percent of the respondents prefer capitalism and 35 percent preferred living in a socialist state. In all cases, there is a significant portion of Americans who do not prefer the free market economy. (One would think “free” being in the title would be appealing to these people.)

What does this mean for Black Friday? In short, hypocrisy. Yes Lifecycle Marketing surveyed Americans about their spending habits according to their generation. The survey results indicate that 54 percent of millennials will make at least one purchase on Black Friday.

The numbers do not add up. Just 42 percent of the millennials articulated a desire to live in a capitalist economy, but 54 percent of millennials will be fighting one another for the newest, cheapest television on Black Friday. The same marketing company found that 79 percent of millennials purchased an item on Amazon in the past month. Between Amazon’s Black Friday specials and the Cyber Monday extravaganza, the percentages are likely to increase.

The same people protesting on college campuses on behalf of Occupy Wall Street, will be lining up at 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving to ensure they get Apple’s iPhone X, which even with a discount will ring up at about $1,000. If they would like to practice what they preach, they should step out of line and give that $1,000 to a local charity, in the name of equality. But they will not, because they do not actually know what socialism means, and their actions speak louder than their words.

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