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Fleccas Talks Exposes Trump Protesters    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : December 5, 2017

Responses to three simple questions have exposed communistic and fascist beliefs held by protestors in 2017.

For Austen Fletcher of Fleccas Talks, it takes just asking “What are you protesting?” “Who did you vote for?” and/or “What does your sign say?” to gain perspective on how present-day, mostly millennial protestors view the American republic. Fletcher has been attending and documenting the numerous protests and rallies popping up across the country since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

“It’s really been astonishing … I went out there to give these people a voice,” Fletcher told Healthy Republic. “And the things I’m hearing them say are pretty ridiculous. They’re out there protesting because they’re against Trump obviously, and a lot of the times they are communists, socialists, but for the most part they are disenfranchised millennials.”

Fletcher has found that the people who attend the protests, including at the University of California-Berkeley and in New York City and Chicago, simply do not know how to communicate effectively to make any sort of true change they claim to want. Though their intentions may be good, they are misguided, Fletcher said.

“They’ve unfortunately fallen victim to the mainstream media’s liberal narrative,” Fletcher said. “They are used to the group mentality. They’re used to being out in the groups, chanting and singing the songs.”

Fletcher’s approach to the protestors of carrying a wooden spoon attached to a voice recorder has allowed people to feel comfortable speaking with him one-on-one and opening up about their “feelings,” but not much substance is revealed.

“I approach them with my stupid hair, fat face, and wooden spoon microphone, so they think I’m an idiot,” said Fletcher, who graduated from Dartmouth University and worked on Wall Street for two years before moving to Los Angeles. “… They think not much of me and because of that they open up and show how little they know.”

The wooden spoon is symbolic of his Italian upbringing and serves as a reminder of the grit and tenacity that most Americans used to embody, compared to the temper tantrums Fletcher has witnessed time and time again at the rallies.

“I got whacked with a wooden spoon here and there if I misbehaved; it was good,” Fletcher said of his childhood. “It gave me discipline; I was well-behaved. And now I’m not a communist protesting in the streets.”

Fletcher has spent the past nine months recording the protests and uploading YouTube videos showing just how lacking Americans are in critical thinking and civil discourse.

Moving forward, Fletcher plans to expand Fleccas Talks to campuses nationwide with the help of “wooden spoon correspondents” who want to engage in conversation respectfully with students and professors. Any interested student is encouraged to reach Fletcher by direct message on Instagram (@fleccas).

“We are going to have a legion of the spoon people hopefully in the next few weeks,” Fletcher said. “I can send you a packet that explains Fleccas Talks, what the goal is, how to approach the teachers, how to maintain respect for the other students and your teachers, while also proving a point and potentially creating a good viral video.”

Just as is the goal at Healthy Republic, Fleccas Talks aims to engage in conversation and educate one another.

“The more we have conversations, the more we interact with each other, the more information is spread to both sides, which is very important,” Fletcher said. “We need to break the echo chamber.”

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