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Speak Your Truth At Feminist Business School    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : January 16, 2018

Grab your virtue signaling and get ready for a new college experience. There is now a business school unlike any other, in that it offers you nothing of value (although you could argue all universities are on this path).

The Feminist Business School has begun, complete with its lone course called “Concepts and Conceptions.” Jennifer Armbrust, a graduate of Evergreen State College, with a degree in critical theory, started this endeavor in September through her company called Sister.

Armbrust created the school so women could engage in the business world while sticking to their core feminist values. She hopes to teach the attendees how to “conceive” and “birth” a new Feminine Economy, which will dismantle the patriarchy and provide meaningful social change. The eight-week course serves as an “incubator” and Armbrust is the course’s “midwife.” In the course description, Armbrust states “we contemplate capitalism, cozy up to feminist theory, and consider what feminist entrepreneurship might look like.” Attendees will write their own manifestos and develop body-loving business practices.

Each week a new topic will be addressed. The attendees start off with “Getting Grounded” before going on to “Free Yourself from the Myth of the Meritocracy” and “Toppling the Patriarchy.”

“Capitalism is a system built on slavery and the exploitation of the earth,” Armbrust said in an interview with Forbes. “My work is radical.”

In the spirit of fighting against capitalism, the eight-week course is just $1,200. Plus you can purchase pocket cards and other posters spewing the school’s philosophy. This includes the “12 Principles for Prototyping a Feminist Business.” Those following the tenets of the Feminine Economy will learn first and foremost that (1) “You have a body.” They are reminded to (8) free themselves from the myth of meritocracy because: “There is no earning. There’s no deserving. There’s no reward.” Also make sure to (9) tell the truth, but really “speak your truth” (emphasis added).

Armbrust also includes “100 Ways to Make More Money.” The list includes only the essentials:

My personal favorites are…

#3: Create more opportunities for people to give you money. (Check. Ambrust did that by creating her course.)
#24: Read Karl Marx. Then read Erich Fromm. (Yes, because Marx is such a swell character and we should emulate him and his ideas.)
#37: Let yourself want what you want, no matter how big or small. (Or illegal, immoral, or asinine).
#70: Breathe. (Check.)
#74: Touch and talk to plants. (You can do this because for #54 you are to get more houseplants. Plant a garden.)
#91: Shop at the farmers market whenever possible. (She did not read last week’s story: Professors Claim Farmers Markets Are Racist White Spaces.)

Armbrust can claim all she wants that the Feminine Economy does not align with capitalism and that she is fighting against capitalism. But she is cashing the $1,200 checks of these so-called-students who will learn nothing about marketing, keeping books, or actually running a business.

Armbrust is an entrepreneur exercising economic freedom. That’s business.

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