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Women Are Demanding Segregation, Not Equality    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : March 6, 2018

For 31 days women will supposedly be celebrated because March is Women's History Month. If you did not realize this, then you must be a bigot. Or, if you are like me, you do not think that you are limited to just one month of learning history about a specific demographic.

Since being informed of the month's finite celebration, I have chosen to honor women by encouraging my lady friends to man up. Yes, man up. Ladies, we need to stop the insanity that is being the victim for everything. On a weekly basis I hear the stories of women claiming victimhood for the most asinine of reasons, and they are mostly coming from the feminist professors who are supposed to be educating our future generations.

A story came upon my radar which demonstrates a wonderful opportunity for women to stop playing the victim card just because it is readily available. This story was made public just days before it is supposed to be the month for women, which to me demonstrates providential guidance.

The Stanford Daily reported that the Arrillaga Outdoor Education Recreation Center (AOERC) began offering women's-only training hours. But the caveat is that the hours are trans-inclusive, meaning that if a man identifies as a woman, he can attend the women's-only hours.

Jennifer Sexton, director of fitness and wellness programs, and Daralisa Kelley, associate director of recreation programs, developed the idea after hearing feedback from women who felt uncomfortable in the large fitness areas. Sexton and Kelley, who are Inclusivity Committee Chairs of the Stanford Recreation and Wellness department, determined that to be inclusive, they would exclude men.

The idea was to have lifting hours in a designated space for women, complete with blackout shades and partitions. This ensures privacy for the women and the men who identify as women. With no men around, except for those who biologically are men but claim otherwise, they can be whoever they want to be or something like that. Personal trainer Irina Vitman praised the new hours for inclusivity.

"[It's a] safe space to make [women] feel more comfortable, so that there's no guys 'macho-ing' around," Vitman said in an interview with the student publication.

But again, if a man identifies as a woman, then he can attend and macho all he wants. Once the new hours were made public in The Stanford Daily, pushback ensued. Adam Behrendt did what every student should have done and filed a Title IX complaint, a gender discrimination complaint, and an Act of Intolerance report. He recognized that, while the hours were not going to affect him directly, it undermined the push for equity.

"Reinforcing the 'need' for gender segregation only undermines advances in participation, pay and other areas of gender-inequity," Behrendt told The Stanford Daily in a follow-up article on the issue.

Behrendt noted the recreation center's violation of Stanford's own nondiscrimination policy, which is consistent under law. By making women's-only hours, the recreation center was discriminating upon sex and perpetuating what women have been claiming to fight against for decades. The male college student understood this more than the university officials.

In the same article, Associate Dean of Students Dr. Alejandro Martinez announced the recreation center would allow anyone of any gender to attend the gender-specific hours. So they are essentially back to doing what should have been done all along.

We see these policies being rewritten all the time as students cry out for their safe spaces in every component of their lives. And in the gym, it can become all too easy to blame everyone else for your own inadequacies. In the Stanford Daily story, one female student was quoted as saying the "testosterone in the air was super suffocating." That's a touch dramatic and demonstrates a narcissistic viewpoint carried by so many. Rather than demonstrate self-respect and confidence, we are teaching women that they must be segregated from men in the gym because testosterone is super suffocating.

We have had enough of this viewpoint, so let's try another. If you are going to the gym to better yourself physically, who cares what anyone else has to say about you. Do not play the victim card simply because it is easier than working for what you want. Because if you really want something, the work and the journey to get there is where you will find fulfillment. You will not get there by being left in your comfort zone and remaining in your safe space.

Be one of the strong women we are supposed to celebrate this month.

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