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Kids Used As Pawns To Push Adult Agenda    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : March 20, 2018

It remains the month of March and that means it is time to march, at least according to the student activists who organized the National School Walkout on Wednesday, March 14.

The walkout, sponsored by the orchestrators of the 2017 Women’s March, called on students, teachers, and anyone pushing the same political agenda, to walk out of school for 17 minutes, representing the 17 lives murdered on Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

The Women’s March Youth Empower website claimed that walking out is the correct maneuver to “protest Congress’ inaction to do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to the gun violence plaguing our schools and neighborhoods.” But then at the Washington, D.C. walkout, students hooted and hollered in joy as members of Congress walked out of the Capitol in support. Those members of Congress included Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and Chuck Schumer (D-NY). The students literally ran after Sanders in attempts to get a selfie with the senator, who is a member of the same Congress the students were said to be protesting.

For weeks many of us common-sensed folk have been waiting for the “so-called-activists” to provide substantive options for what to do as a country moving forward to eliminate gun violence. The children are demanding to be heard, but what they are saying lacks any semblance of considerable thought. Instead, these students decided to play hooky under the guise of solidarity for their rights. They exercised their First Amendment rights in hopes of eliminating the Second Amendment. In the coverage since the horrific shooting, not one of these students has been questioned for what they know; it is all about how they feel.

The Founding Fathers created a country based on rational thought with structure that ensured reasoning trumped passion and logic overcame impulses. By creating the Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment, the founders protected the individual. And in protecting the individual, the entire nation is strengthened and made more secure. If the students were in class learning this information instead of trashing a Wal-Mart during a walkout, there would not be a call for such nonsense. But we live in an age when adults are submissive to children, in shallowed attempts to becoming their best friends, and we are unable to say no to our precious snowflakes.

The time we need our parents to be parents is when a tragedy strikes by the hands of a teenager murdering 17 lives at a high school in Florida. When children are hurting the most is when they need comfort and wisdom. The last thing kids should be doing right now is being paraded around as the pawns in our game of political chess (See: kindergarteners in Connecticut). Kids do not even know how to play such an archaic game to understand what is being done to them. They just know how they feel because we do not teach logic and rational thought. It’s emotion first, emotion always.

And so our culture celebrates and encourages the David Hoggs of the world, who steal the microphone and demand that adults listen. He is encouraged to say things like, “What if our politician weren’t the b**** of the NRA?” in a promotional video for yet another march.

The boy who has been claiming victim status for weeks has officially become the bully. He, and all of the other activists, cannot see that their true victim status is that of being pawns.

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