California Pushes Communist Celebration in Schools    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : May 14, 2018

California is continuing its quest for crazy town capital, as now one lawmaker wants to celebrate a communist holiday instead of American presidents’ birthdays.

Miguel Santiago (D-53rd) introduced legislation in the California State Assembly in February requiring the celebration of International Workers’ Day, better known as May Day. The intent of the bill is to “commemorate the history of the United States labor movement.” Assembly Bill 3042 also includes elimination of February birthday celebrations for Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Instead, presidents are to be honored with Presidents’ Day, thus making room for May Day.

“Today, many of California's students have never learned about the incredible struggles that workers undertook to win basic labor rights and build the middle class,” representatives from Santiago’s office stated in the bill’s analysis. “In addition, many students in California do not know about the important role that immigrants have played in the labor movement and their fight to win basic human, civil, and economic rights."

Santiago desires California children to pay tribute to a communist holiday that is annually celebrated in China, North Korea, Cuba, and old Soviet Union countries.

The bill was defeated on Thursday, May 10 on a vote of 27-22, which on the surface appears a victory for America. However, one must remember that 22 representatives voted in favor. And before it made it to the floor, the bill was first passed out of the education and appropriations committees. The California Federation of Teachers also provided sponsorship for the bill.

“I’m aghast that a bill like this would be able to get through committee,” Republican Matthew Harper (R-74th) said. “Are we going that far to the left?”

Everyone who lives outside of California can see just how far left the state has gone. California law already authorizes schools to celebrate specific activism, with labor included. Public schools can close on Cesar Chavez Day, and then in class celebrate Chavez, who was an American civil rights activist and labor leader. California students learn about John Muir for their environmental activism and Harvey Milk for gay rights activism. California has also designated May as Labor History Month. Finally, do not forget the nation celebrates Labor Day every first Monday in September.

Santiago has already announced his intention for reconsideration on the legislation.

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