Feminists Want Women To Be Men    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : June 4, 2018

In the land of feminist thought, men are heroes and women are zeroes. Australian author Natalie Ritchie articulates this feminist viewpoint and its destructive nature in her new book, Roar Like a Woman: How Feminists Think Women Suck and Men Rock.

Feminism, as Ritchie argues, began as a positive and liberating experience for women, one to be celebrated. But, by the 1980s, as feminists took hold, the movement became “masculinism,” a process that does anything but encourage womanhood.

“It became about imitating men and finding yourself as a woman by effectively emulating a man and copying him,” Ritchie said in an interview with Healthy Republic. “That’s not what feminism is supposed to be.”

Both men and women enjoy the benefits that come from a good day’s work, but that work does not need to be the same work in order for that mental stimulus to be obtained. In fact, it should not be, according to Ritchie. Modern feminism dictates that any woman choosing to stay in the home and take care of her children and household must be oppressed. But women in the home are doing work by taking care of the children and the household. It is simply a different work from that which is being preached by today’s feminists.

“A feminist today [is] a woman who was dependent on man identicality for her sense of worth as a woman,” Ritchie said. “It’s fine to want to work. It’s fine to not want to have kids. It’s fine to not like being a housewife … but it’s not fine to define your legitimacy as a female human being on whether you perform commercial activity as he does.”

Ritchie recognizes the danger of women trying to be men as not only hurting women, but as having a great effect on men and the view that men are somehow toxic in their being. Men’s strength, rationality, and practicality are lost when men are continually told they must not be themselves.

“It’s hurting all of the men who are being watered down,” Ritchie said. “Masculinity is not toxic. Masculinity is a wonderful thing. And then it’s hurting all the women because they are being told that they are the wrong kind of person, and they have to be more like a man.”

One issue not addressed nearly as much as needed, according to Ritchie, is single motherhood. Numerous reports support the argument that homes with both a father and mother will be better for the entire family, including the social, cognitive, and physical functions of the children. Dangers of not having a father in the home have been addressed. Less frequently discussed is the resulting difficulty in having a single mother attempting to manage an entire household.

As a single mother of two teenage boys, Ritchie utilizes firsthand experience and analogies from fellow mothers to articulate the value of work in the home and raising children. In the book, Ritchie analyzes a mother’s work day, provides practical choices for working inside the home and out, and delivers ten things to create a better world for women.

Roar Like a Woman: How Feminists Think Women Suck and Men Rock will be released Tuesday, June 5.

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