Liberals Demand More Feminism On Father’s Day    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : June 18, 2018

Celebrations were abundant during the weekend as Americans honored Father’s Day, a day designated to show Dad just how much he means to you and your family. But in the current social environment where Dad and all men are labeled as being “toxic,” Father’s Day serves as the primary reminder that masculinity is a net positive for our society, families, and especially men.

Never to miss an opportunity, the mainstream media could not help themselves and tried to overshadow the day with its own agenda. CNN ran the feature story, with a three-sentence headline: “He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man.” Sabastion Sparks is a woman who gave birth to a boy. She decided with her husband Angel, who identifies as a woman, but is biologically male, to have a child. The long and short of it is a man and a woman had a child. But because LGBT Pride continues to demand ownership of the month that used to be June, CNN found a less told level of intersectionality and used Father’s Day as its vehicle.

NBC News had a supposed man write a story entitled “This Father’s Day, men are experiencing a crisis in masculinity. The solution? More feminism.” NBC made sure to include how dangerous it is for boys to grow up loving guns. The author also credited male suicide rates exclusively to “traditional, stereotypical standards of manliness.”

And not to be left out, the Sunday New York Times cover story pined that America has a problem with working mothers. At least according to the New York Times, American companies are caustic to women who are mothers. The article states, “whether women work at Walmart or on Wall Street, getting pregnant is often the moment they are knocked off the professional ladder.”

All of these stories could publish on a different day. Instead the “news” could not give credence for one day to honor fathers. This era continues its attack on men, on everything masculine, and on everything that has helped build Western civilization. Yet, in the real world, we know that the most men are trying to do their jobs, love their wife and kids, and be the men that God created them to be.

For the health of the country, this is necessary, and even more important for the health of the family. According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, having a father in the home will make the children four times less likely to be in poverty, seven times less likely to become pregnant as a teenager, and two times less likely to drop out of high school. Children with a father in the home are less likely to have behavior problems, abuse drugs, commit crime, and go to prison. Simple math dictates that having a father in the home is better for the family. Period.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Census Bureau finds that there are more than 24 million children in America, or about 1 in every 3 children, who do not get to enjoy Father’s Day with their dad in their home. That statistic should not be ignored, nor should it be called empowering for single mothers.

All of these statistics should compel the citizenry to see the virtue in manhood and the reason masculine men and fathers are needed. Men who want to protect their families, want to do right by their wife and kids, and are willing to sacrifice to do so should be emulated, not called toxic. We need men to demonstrate to the next generation what a gentleman looks like, with encouragement of true equality and the return of chivalry.

Even though you celebrate, honor, and thank your father on Father’s Day, make it just one of many days you do so, because he loves, protects, and sacrifices for you every day of the year.

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