University To Punish Students And Faculty For Not Referring To People By Their "Preferred Gender"    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : July 23, 2018

The speech police are searching for a permanent home, and they may have found it at a Midwestern university.

British author George Orwell provided wise words of warning in his novel 1984. When Orwell published the novel in 1949, he did not intend his words to be an instruction manual, but in modern America you see Orwell’s scenarios playing out, especially with the dangers of government overreach.

The newest iteration of government entities attempting to seize control is coming from the University of Minnesota, with a proposed policy which dictates speech by punishing students and professors who fail to identify someone by “preferred gender pronouns.” And the proposed punishment is no less than expulsion for the students and firing for the professors.

Heading the charge is Tina Marisam, who is the director for the University Office for Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator. According to the proposal, titled “Equity and Access: Gender Identity, Gender Expression, Names and Pronouns,” the intent is to create an environment that is “free from discrimination and harassment based on gender identity and gender expression.”

Here is how the policy manifests (if the gendered-sounding term manifests is allowed). According to the draft policy, which intends to be presented to the University Senate in the fall, university members can use a name and/or gender identity that is different from anything used on legal documents. You can specify your pronouns without providing legal documentation. You can inform others of your name and/or gender verbally or in writing, and you can determine whether and how you share this information. And everyone is expected to go along with it.

In other words, you do you, and feel free to change throughout the day. In your morning’s race, class, gender history class, consider yourself a “him,” but switch it up for your afternoon toxic masculinity class and to be a “ze.” Then switch on over to “zhem” for the evening’s climate change seminar, before going to sleep as a “they.”

And, according to the policy, you do not have to inform anyone of these changes, but all university members must use the proper pronouns in accordance with what you say or they can be reprimanded. Exactly how is someone supposed to identify a person properly when the policy states that it can be changed at will?

But we are not done yet. Here is where it will get really dicey (or apparently spicy) for some. The policy includes the statement: “The University will make gender inclusive options for housing, restrooms, and locker rooms widely available to University members and individuals may access gender-specific facilities that correspond with their gender identities.”

This university provides in writing that you can hop into the showers with whomever you wish, sleep in the same dorm room with whomever, and take over all of the clubs. And if someone does not want to be a part of this, well, too bad because they are being discriminatory; safety and privacy be damned. Per usual, the question that must be asked: Where are the feminists? In a world concerned with women being objectified, harassed, and even worse (think #MeToo), why are feminists not vocally outraged by this policy’s allowance?

There is no outrage happening because this is an agenda item the Left fervently approves. They will claim it is their civil right, but they are forgetting the definition of the First Amendment. In 1984, Orwell wrote that “Freedom is the freedom to say that to plus two make four.” You can say that a boy is a girl or a girl is an antelope, but no one, let alone a public university, can compel you to say it, and it does not become true simply because you feel it is true. Professor Jordan Peterson already had this compelled speech fight in Canada, where there are not protected freedoms of speech in the same sense as in America. This was confirmed by looking at a copy of the Constitution. At a public university which is receiving public money, free speech is protected. Period.

For now the public will have to wait and see if the University of Minnesota enacts the policy, and if the gopher mascot quickly identifies itself as a badger (Big 10 reference). Then everyone will see how kindly the school will take to the entanglement it created.

The bottom line is there is no such thing anymore as gender if you are whatever you say you are whenever you say you are it. If that is how the game is played, then no one has any case for anything.

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