Seriously…College Students Claim Ice Cream Discriminates    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : September 17, 2018

Few food items are universally loved as much as ice cream. And for anyone who lives in the Dairy State, also known as Wisconsin, ice cream battles cheese in the hearts of its consumers.

But at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, ice cream has been deemed not inclusive by members of the Associated Students of Madison. At the student government group’s first meeting of the year on Wednesday, Sept. 5, legislation titled “Ice Cream for All” described how ice cream sold at Babcock Hall Dairy Store is not inclusive to several minority groups because of a beef gelatin used in the stabilization process.

Authors of the bill say that the ice cream marginalizes students of the campus and that Babcock ice cream should therefore not be the official ice cream.

“The reasons given for not changing the gelatins, in the name of ‘tradition,’ exclude Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Vegetarian, and Vegan students from partaking in eating the official, campus wide, traditional ice cream that is often listed as part of the ‘Wisconsin experience,’” the legislation states.

The legislation specifically identifies these groups of students, claiming that they “feel less welcome and less respected amongst the predominantly white, Christian campus, as well as feel the university was not committed to diversity.”

What the sponsors of the resolution fail to understand is that the namesake for the ice cream store made possible the opportunities for them to complain. Babcock Hall Dairy Plant and Store are named after scientist Stephen Moulton Babcock, who in 1890 invented the first reliable butterfat content milk test. He also developed the cold-curing process for ripening cheese which then helped Wisconsin become the leading cheese producer in the United States.

Babcock’s “single-grain experiment” with cows led to nutrition being considered a science and finding that food has vitamins and minerals. And because Babcock was so woke, he refused to patent the buttermilk fat test because he believed it was “property of the world.”

Still, young progressives find discrimination because unless every person is included, they are not satisfied. As clearly demonstrated time and time again, they yell for diversity backed by a demand in conformity.

It is worth noting that Babcock Dairy Store does sell “super premium” ice cream flavors that are gelatin-free and use a plant-based stabilizer. They have lactose free ice cream for those who cannot eat dairy.

The “Ice Cream for All” bill will be voted on this week. If passed, the ASM will condemn university-sponsored events which have the ice cream. This potential “strike of Babcock Ice Cream” would “show solidarity with religious students,” the legislation states.

It really is no wonder Madison is nicknamed Mad Town.

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