Cornell Slaps Privilege List On Freshmen    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : September 24, 2018

As freshmen filed into orientation at Cornell University a few weeks ago, they were likely excited, a bit nervous, and just generally looking to make sure they were doing what is right. After all, they are freshmen and do not know any better.

The student ambassadors tasked with welcoming those freshmen were also hoping to do the right thing. In an “orientation packet” presented to the ambassadors, included was a sheet that included 15 identity categories. Grouped within these categories are the identities considered to be privileged and those that are considered marginalized or oppressed, at least according to the sheet.

Campus Reform obtained a copy of the sheet by a student who was concerned about the messaging. In looking at the list, one need not wonder what the student means. According to the document, all of the go-to identity groups are labeled as being privileged: white, heterosexual, Christian, middle class, male. But those who are college graduates and aged in their 30s to early 50s are also included.

If you really take a look at all of the categories, basically all of the freshman class will be marginalized or oppressed because almost all of the freshmen are in their late teens to early 20s, and none of them are college graduates. And with 22 percent of the student body being international, they are oppressed too.

You can see by the included categories that Cornell is attempting to guilt their students into one way of thinking. It is clear that Cornell is looking for that perfect student who will recognize just how privileged he is and make up for his failures. That is called indoctrination, better known as the antithesis to education.

Any logical person would believe the university would want to clarify its position, but alas Cornell administrators stated they “will not be participating” in giving a comment about the privileged list. Clearly, they are too privileged for that.

Cornell University is a private university and it can put out these ridiculous privilege cards. But, being a private university, it is distinctly a business and will want to make money. If students wake up to this stupidity, they can show Cornell that education is more important than identity politics by taking their money elsewhere. The key is that they have to recognize there is a problem.

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