Journalist Claims Exercise Turns People Into ‘Right-Wingers’    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : October 8, 2018

Nothing but gossip, rumors, and investigations surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination have been circulating the media airwaves. Between the incendiary remarks and general disgust of politics with American culture, it is highly likely to be feeling a bit downtrodden at the moment.

One remedy to all this chaos is to work out, but unfortunately that means you may become a “right-winger.” According to Zoe Williams, an opinion columnist with The Guardian, if you work out and then post about it, you are on your way to becoming an awful human being.

Williams is “angry as a bull” about fitness in general, and even though she has been writing about it for more than one year, she still has no understanding of what exercise does for one’s body.

“I still have to Google what counts as maximum-intensity every time I feel moved to talk about it, which is all the time – but I know everything about what it does to your personality, and none of it is pretty,” Williams wrote in the column.

This does not stop her from continuing on about the topic for an additional 400 words and providing anecdotes about cats and Zumba classes. Her real problem, though, lies with what happens involving morality.

“Do too much [exercise], and the self-love develops a carapace of self-sufficiency … Unavoidably, over time, this makes you more rightwing, as you descend into an aerobics-powered moral universe where only the weak need each other.”

Yes, because those who work out clearly care nothing for anyone else, ever, not even a little bit. Better not tell this to the Notorious RBG, known to the unhip, un-woke people as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. At 85, she is still getting in her daily workout regimen and does not appear to be getting any closer to right-winger status.

The truth is, Williams takes issue with people doing things independent of the mob mentality and taking personal responsibility to better themselves. They put in the hard work and dedication to making their bodies healthier. But because it means the good vibes and health benefits extend to only the person doing them, Williams and those who share her beliefs feel cheated. They should be able to enjoy all of the benefits by doing none of the work.

There is a clear double standard present. Progressives pontificate on the necessity to love yourself and that all bodies are beautiful. In the name of body positivity, no fat shaming is allowed. And then you have this column deriding those who care about fitness. That is what we call fit shaming.

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