Trump Cast As Villain In The Horror Movie Of America    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : October 29, 2018

For a large portion of America, this past week meant costumes and candy. It may have included going to see a scary movie because Halloween is just around the corner. But it may have been spent watching mainstream media. Either way, it was all horrific.

America at this moment is quite frightening. And that is not meant to sound hyperbolic. Anyone paying attention to 2018 can see the deterioration and rot of civility and all manners of civil discourse. Even if you have not been paying close attention to this year (and you are blessed for that), you need only look at this past week of events to see the collapse in real time.

What we have in America right now is horrifying. We are our own horror film.

On Monday, Oct. 22 politicians and talking heads really began their heated arguments about the caravan of illegal immigrants marching from Honduras enroute to the United States. There were debates on if the mostly working-age men should be let in, who is actually part of the caravan, if asylum is an option, on and on. It seems like forever ago when NBC decided to place an image of the caravan invaders as the network’s banner image on Twitter, showing the true intent of its “journalism-ing.” And so began the week of horrors.

Now it is important to remember the most common theme in any horror film: everyone is an idiot. America in 2018 can do justice to that role. Also, in horror films there is lot of scrawling on walls (often in blood) meant as either a warning and/or a way to scare the main characters. Americans simply call it Twitter.

So the beginning of this film had a grand caravan entrance, but it quickly turned personal when Democratic politicians, including the Obamas, Clintons, Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and others began receiving packages that appeared to be pipe bombs. As politicians waited in angst to see if they would get a package, the media pounced. Conspiracy theories of leftwing and rightwing crazies being the offender ran amok until the suspected culprit was found. And so while Americans were out getting a costume for the weekend, a 56-year-old Florida man put on what may be his permanent costume: an orange jumpsuit.

But that event was not the climax to this week’s movie. The very next day, on Saturday, Oct. 27, the craziest character shot up the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Penn., leaving 11 dead. A 46-year-old man faces charges of murder, attempted murder, and hate crime with the claimed motive of anti-Semitism, as he told a SWAT operator after the shooting that he wanted all Jews to die.

(The names of these men will not be named on Healthy Republic  because they are not worthy of credence. The crimes and the victims are remembered, not the perpetrators.)

But it is not over yet. In a movie plot twist, a man in Utah appeared in court on Friday on charges of having mailed letters containing Ricin elements to the White House and Pentagon earlier in the month. Of course the mainstream media was rather hush about this little incident.

All of these events come just one week prior to an election that is being made out to be the life or death of this nation. In this horror film, President Donald Trump is not only the ever-present fear and source of angst, he is the demon and the false god. It just depends on who you ask. The pipe bomb mailer worships Trump and decorated his van as a sort of altar. The synagogue shooter detests Trump for his closeness to members of the Jewish community.

And the media claims, in both instances, that President Trump is to be at fault for what happened because the media has its own sick worship of him and his every move. The act of worship of President Trump is as demonic as those who are idolaters of hate toward President Trump. Both are dangerous to our society and to the individuals who are perpetrating such worship and idolatry.

Horror films play on the viewers’ emotions and so do election cycles. The midterm election itself will be over in one week, but this horror film of American society is no closer to having the credits roll. More than anything right now, we need the lights to come up and people to come back to reality.

And it can start with the individual who decides to go against horror movie 101: Do not be an idiot.

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