Hilarious Reasons Why Millennials Won’t Be Voting    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : November 5, 2018

It has been two years since the election of Donald Trump, but for millennials, time might as well have stopped.

The Trump election has given millennials such anxiety that it is similar to having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to researchers at San Francisco State University, 25 percent of 769 millennials at Arizona State University surveyed in January and February of 2017 reported symptoms of PTSD, with the triggering event being Trump winning the 2016 presidential election. One out of every four respondents “met suggested criteria for clinically significant distress, which is concerning because elevated event-related stress is predictive of future distress and subsequent PTSD diagnoses.”

Not at all surprising is the fact that the demographics (or intersectionality categories as we call them in 2018) is that women, Democrats, minorities, and non-Christians reported significantly higher levels of stress in the study.

Based on actions from these categories of people in the past two years, it is clear that Trump’s election has had profound effect on these millennials’ lives. They are lucky in having one another to lean on. These past two years, America has witnessed millennials banding together to fight the system, fight patriarchy, fight white supremacy, and fight whatever the current slogan is that they are scripted to fight. And they do it with all their might because they can only focus on one thing at a time anyway.

They may be fighting with all their might, but it is still not fighting like actual soldiers, who actually go to war and actually get PTSD. Twitter is the battlefield of a millennial. The question that remains: will they take the fight to the ballot box?

Historically, the youngest generation of eligible voters fails to turn up when the votes are counted. And considering the millennials are on pace to surpass the baby boomers as the largest generation in the electorate, that has reverberational effect on the end vote tallies.

Based on latest reports, it appears the millennials may be all talk and no action because voting is simply too hard.

Andy, 25 “Still heartbroken over 2016, not ready to get into another relationship with a candidate yet. Can’t believe you would mention voting to me.”

Emily, 21: “I’m not voting because I had a very convincing dream that I voted and when I woke up, I was like, “Seriously, are you kidding me? I have to do all this AGAIN?” and it was just too much, you know?”

Ina, 22: “Look, I believe that it is better to be an informed nonvoter than an uninformed voter. I am going to let all the voters be the ones who are uninformed, and I, who have taken the time to learn about the issues, am going to sit it out.

With a sad bunch of excuses from the disenfranchised, it is no wonder the Democrats, who have historically garnered more votes from the youngest generation, are trying to make voting as easy as possible for the millennials. This explains why universities have stepped in to register anyone to vote, even Chinese students, who are not legal citizens of the United States. In a story by MacIver Institute, a Chinese student registered himself to vote after simply printing off a form saying he is enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and then claiming his voter ID card.

The student said he does not plan to vote, but that should not stop an actual citizen from heading to the polls. Millennials have yet another opportunity to demonstrate a dedication to citizenship and prove wrong the naysayers calling the generation nothing but apathetic, nihilistic, sad sacks. That may have been the description provided by this writer.

Despite feeling knocked down, disillusioned, and weary from the election antics that have yet to cease from 2016, rise above and cast a vote, fellow millennials. Do not let a stamp or anxiety stop you from casting that ballot, and certainly do not let Donald Trump stop you, because he is not even up for reelection. Everyone has another two years to chew on that fact.

And if nothing else entices you, vote because then you too earn that precious participation sticker.

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