Leftists Protest Ben Shapiro And Fleccas Exposes Their Stupidity    

  By: Katie Petrick
   Published : December 3, 2018

Wherever Ben Shapiro goes, the protestors will follow.

At Shapiro’s Nov. 13 speech at The Ohio State University, there was no shortage of pontification against Shapiro’s right to provide a lecture as organized by the Young Americans for Freedom. Using man-on-the-street style interviews, Austen Fletcher of Fleccas Talks captured the hate and ignorance of many of the Leftists.

Fletcher has become known for his wooden spoon microphone, use of simple questions, and low-key demeanor to get at the root of why individuals are protesting. While interviews are mostly conducted at protests in California where Fletcher resides, a trip to the Midwest proved useful for obtaining perspective on this generation of dissenters.

Though Fletcher was open-minded, thinking Midwestern college students would be informed and looking to engage in discussion, he found similar attributes to the California protestors.

“It was the ‘Nazi go home’ chant, people threatening violence, even getting a little violent themselves, a lot of ad hominem attacks; the same old stuff we’ve seen,” Fletcher said in an interview with Healthy Republic.

Unfortunately, the lack of willingness to discuss or use rational thought plagues colleges across the country, as more indoctrination than education is happening. With a lack of critical thought, students become collectivist thinkers, which is to say they stop trying to reach conclusions on their own.

“The mob dictates the morals and beliefs of the group, even though they are individuals within the group that don’t necessarily fall into believing all the thing the mob believes,” Fletcher said. “With the Right we see a group of individuals, but with the Left we see that they are obligated to stay within the group; there’s no room for individual thought.”

The mob mentality often escalates into physical reaction, likely due to a lack of being able to express ideas verbally. At one point in the video captured by Fletcher, a man becomes aggressive, calling Fletcher a fascist and then attempting to knock Fletcher’s microphone away after expressing support for police officers.

“I just stood my ground and told him I’m not here to fight,” Fletcher said. “I don’t ever try to escalate situations like that.”

And then there was a Krampus, a man who seemed to follow around Fletcher and interrupt conversations between Fletcher and others. At one point, the man, also called by some attendees to be a Karl Marx protestor, announced he was working.

“Everyone kind of freaked out by that because paid protestors, people think they exist, people think they don’t,” Fletcher said. “To hear someone say ‘I’m working’ was pretty interesting.”

The same man, who asked a crowd member if he looked like Santa Claus, announced that he had been punching Klansmen since before Fletcher was born. Long story short, the protestors at The Ohio State University were just as disingenuous and disruptive as what is found on the coasts.

And that fact should scare the rest of America, despite facts not caring about your feelings, as Shapiro would say.

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