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  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : May 1, 2017

What can you say about progressive journalists that hasn't already been said about your typical cult? Insular, smug, paranoid, and so insecure that it's not enough that they know the "truth," but they are miserable unless YOU know it too. Emulating attention starved actors, they throw a creepy party every year to honor themselves, where they slavishly fawn over liberal presidents, or rabidly attack conservative ones.

Donald Trump is neither a liberal nor a conservative, and so he is (mostly) oblivious to the approval of journalists: the flattery that is so popular with democrat presidents, and the abuse so tolerated by republican presidents. Given their inflated sense of self, Trump's refusal to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner sent journalists and their Hollywood enablers into bitter convulsions. (Contrary to initial reports, the convulsing was not a consequence of listening to Samantha Bee for two hours.) Furious that Trump had the unmitigated gall to not show up and be hated in person, they hated him in absentia, which completely undercut their rage and left them spluttering and impotent (also not merely a reaction to Samantha Bee, Canada’s cheaply imported, non-prescription, anti-Viagra).

And that is the way you handle progressives: walk away and watch them implode. Stop trying to reason with them, and just ignore them. When they tell you to stop using certain words, use them all the time. When they tell you to stop patronizing certain businesses or embracing certain ideas, double down and support those causes. The left doesn’t want your sympathy or complicity: they need you to play the perpetual villain in their on-going progressive fairy tale: a story where they are always the heroes for hating people like you. So, take a lesson from Trump, and just walk away.

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