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Anti-Trump Aerobics…It’s a Thing    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : May 12, 2017

At first glance, it might seem like another hysterical parody of left-wing nuttery from the creators of Portlandia. But in their ongoing push to become collectively beyond satire, the people of San Francisco offer up the latest craze in bovine group think: the plodding, badly choreographed, and hideously accoutered new fad “Anti-Trump Aerobics!”

Imagine a small room in a feminist bookstore, smelling of hemp and Fritos, and populated by a small herd of gender ambiguous ungulates swaying arrhythmically to chants of “don’t build a wall” and “don’t buy Ivanka’s shoes,” and you have the exercise sensation created by Margaret McCarthy and Liat Berdugo of Ally Cat Books.

Calling it a wonderful example of “bringing levity and community to the resistance,” the patrons see Anti-Trump Aerobics as a way of venting their frustration with the new administration.

But in reality, all that vapid chanting and zombie-like swaying just reinforces their Trump Derangement Syndrome, encoding it ever more deeply in their psyches and replicating it in the very movements of their bodies.

More winning for Trump, who lives rent free in the heads of those living in the most high-rent city in the entire country. Although the accommodations are surely the most cramped in the entire nation.

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