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No Country for White Men    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : May 18, 2017

Progressives have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in controlling the meaning of words. Words like "racist," "sexist," and "homophobe" are kryptonite to all but the most unapologetic of conservatives. They cause hornless Republican "rinos" to positively soil themselves in fear.

For far too long, conservatives across Western culture have allowed these mystical words to derail logic, dismantle truth, and deconstruct common sense. And it goes without saying that when conservatives level accusations of bigotry, hypocrisy, and discrimination back at progressives--the REAL bigots of the modern world--the allegations go nowhere, as the corrupt media circles the wagons to enable their liberal patrons.

We see how it works in the recent cases of Donald Trump, Bill O'Reilly, and Tim Allen: three men who dare to be unabashedly masculine in a metrosexual world. No doubt men like O'Reilly and Trump in particular can be at times hyperbolically male, and for that they are smeared and targeted well beyond any evidence produced against them. Allen, the vocally Christian and conservative patriarch of the extremely popular sitcom Last Man Standing, recently found his hit show cancelled, despite uniformly high ratings.

And so we welcome the phrase "Cis-gendered white males" to the list of socially approved slurs that liberals can lob, like hand grenades, without the slightest consequence. Take a look at the video below for more of the good stuff.

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