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Gutting Freedom: One College At A Time    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : June 1, 2017

What comes from decades of monolithic progressive campus culture, where radical left wing politics are championed and traditional and conservative ideas shunned and stigmatized?

You get the recent revolting and anti-American nonsense consuming the campus of Orange Coast College in California. The saga began in December 2016 when professor Olga Stable-Cox used her classroom to bash President Trump, calling his election an “act of terrorism” and indirectly threatening students who supported the president. A student who filmed the tirade was suspended from the university and threatened with a lawsuit, before finally being allowed back on campus. The offending professor, meanwhile, was awarded teacher of the year honors from a grateful faculty all too eager to show their support for her bullying and politicized classroom.

Long gone are the days when Democrats and progressives championed the culture of the whistle blower. It’s one thing to leak classified information that harms the Trump administration. It’s another thing altogether when harassed conservative students try to expose bias and discrimination in progressive classrooms. That kind of social activism must be squelched, and pronto.

Fast forward to the past few weeks, when professor Jessica Alabi, a sociology and gender studies professor at Orange Coast College, demanded that conservative and Republican groups be barred from attending a public forum for Women’s History Month. Not content with banning Republican groups from participating, Alabi, with the support of other faculty and students, demanded in protests across campus that Republican clubs and organizations be banned permanently from campus for contributing to a culture that was “unsafe” for privileged minority groups and students.

And so it comes to this. What started as simple left-wing bias on college campuses, and then morphed into sneering intolerance, has now blown up into calls for downright censorship and expulsion, all for the sin of believing something that challenges the progressive status quo.

The clock is ticking on basic American liberties like freedom of speech, assembly, and association. Far too few people realize that, on campuses at least, this ticking is merely the timer on an anti-freedom incendiary device that’s about to blow.

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