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College Students Turn On Liberal Professors    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : June 8, 2017

As a 25-year university professor, I can say definitively that even The Simpson’s could not satirize higher education anymore effectively than colleges are currently parodying themselves. For decades, progressive, primarily white university professors have lectured students that America is little more than a racist, misogynist, homophobic cesspool of bigotry and oppression, a place where sneering, grasping white men hoard all wealth and opportunity, while eagerly persecuting immigrants, minorities, women, gays, transgender people, blue collar workers, pets, the planet, the environment, the elderly, the disabled, veterans, and atheists. Think this guy, minus the closeted gay sidekick:

Does it ever dawn on these pot-stirring professors that if this was truly the case, then it would be primarily white men clamoring to immigrate here by hook or by crook? That the world’s white dudes (give us your poor, your hungry, your white trash…) would be paying coyotes on the Mexican border to smuggle Fred Rogers look-alikes into this country in shipping containers so that they might reap the bounty of all those exclusively white-guy-only welfare programs? Think this guy, minus the nativist southern accent:

Alas, no. The only pot our erstwhile professors won’t stir is the melting pot. Despite the influx to this country of people of all races, ethnicities, religions, and cultural backgrounds—and the untrammeled success many of these racially diverse immigrants are experiencing—the campus formulations of white privilege continue apace. To be white is to be privileged, to benefit unduly, to participate in the oppression of all OTHERS simply by existing. However much security, power, and wealth the Obamas, or Hillary Clinton, or indeed tenured university professors accrue, the evils of white privilege are ubiquitous, omnipresent, utterly paralyzing, and entirely responsible for every failure, setback, or pimple experienced by “non-whites.” Think this girl, without the $50,000 student loan debt for a degree in Women’s Studies:

And so now large segments of these racially-shamed, indoctrinated, social justice student zombies are turning on their liberal professors. They have called the professors’ bluffs and made them lay their cards on the table. If white privilege is indeed a “thing,” then smugly “woke” white liberal professors should be the first to step aside, resign their tenure (talk about privilege!), and cede their cushy sinecures. Campuses must be purged of privilege, and since all but a cowering remnant of Republican and conservative faculty have already been purged, it’s the brains of progressive white professors that must sate student zombie-lust. Think of these guys, rampaging across the quad:

Thus, the collegiate social justice student zombie apocalypse lurches across our campuses, shouting down dissenters, censoring alternative perspectives, bullying spineless campus administrators, and haranguing university officials with historically inaccurate accounts of Western culture, irrationally racist demands, and illogical arguments. And progressive faculty and administrators have no answers, no ability to reinstate civility, debate, and intellectual diversity, having spent the last few decades undercutting these values in the name of identity politics and mob mentalities. They simply fold their hand and submit. In the words of this guy:

D’oh indeed, Homer. D’oh, indeed.

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