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Fragile Feminists Denounce Wonder Woman, Praise
Hillary & Kathy    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : June 9, 2017

Even if it accomplishes nothing else, the age of Trump has already provided one enduring boon to mankind: it exposed the fainting-couch fragility of today’s would-be tough girl modern feminists.

Hillary Clinton’s epic meltdown aside—think Margaret Hamilton’s wicked witch evaporation, without the fashion sense or the soothing cackle—there are many other feminist “fails” in the news, including the craven ISIS-fetish exploits of Kathy Griffin, the tone-deaf stylings of aborto-ghoul Cecile Richards, the eye-rolling and self- contradictory babblings of the biddies on The View, and the cringe-worth reactions of butt-hurt feministas to the new Wonder Woman movie.

Hillary Clinton—arguably the most powerful and privileged woman in US history—continues her “blame everyone else” tour, sinking to depths of denial unfathomable to modern sonar. And behind it all is that old chestnut: misogyny. Many millions of men voted for her, many hundreds of thousands supported her campaign with money or time, and many thousands hosted events for her, wrote and stumped on her behalf, and stuffed full her already overflowing coffers. But she lost, so it must be misogyny. This venal petulance emanating from a former lawyer, a former First Lady, a former Senator, and a former Secretary of State exposes the two false pillars of modern feminism: entitlement and weakness.

Modern, academic feminism—the divorced from reality, uterocentric kind, that poisons classrooms and warps vulnerable minds—conveys a radical sense of entitlement based on little more than basic sexual characteristics. This purely theoretical entitlement seeks to indemnify women from their failings, their weaknesses, and the consequences of their actions. And whenever reality interposes itself in the shape of accountability between the femme entitled and those consequences, then all that remains are deep reservoirs of bitterness and self-pity. The little girl that never was emerges with a sobbing vengeance.

The recent self-immolating beclownment of Kathy Griffin illustrates the principle to a tee. Eager to preen for the progressive establishment that employs her—and that alone finds her useful, if not quite funny—Griffin boasted about the shock value of her picture holding the fake severed head of Donald Trump. She jokes beforehand that she might have to move to Mexico after the picture hits the media. The joke is the entitlement—it never really occurred to a reflexive liberal like Griffin that she would face consequences from her enablers on the left. Goring the ox of conservatives, Republicans, and the decent people of both parties in fly over country was the tired old punch line. Her lefty surrogates would surely share the laugh and cast her as a heroic feminist artist speaking truth to power on behalf of the resistance. And when entitlement turned to opprobrium, she hired the feminist daughter of a feminist lawyer to scream “MISOGYNY,” before she broke down in little girl tears about “old white men” and being “broken” by a few tweets from Trump family members. Scratch an indignant modern feminist, and you reveal a neurotic child throwing a temper tantrum.

The fragility of feminist entitlement is also on display in the juvenile stunt of Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, who co-opted Mother’s Day to push abortions, and in the hypocrisy of The View’s harridan-in-chief Joy Behar, who excused Bill Maher’s use of the “N” word because he was one of “the good guys” fighting Trump—as if her pasty white feminist chops entitle her to exonerate Maher on behalf of the entire African-American community. Even Wonder Woman, a record shattering film about a female super hero who hails from the gynocentric Amazon tribe, must be run through the sausage grinder—how’s that for an image of unmaking the phallus—of fragile feminism. Keyboard warrior-ettes were quick to condemn her perfectly coiffed hair and makeup, and even to gripe that Wonder Woman did not sport underarm hair! Much of the mythology around the Amazons suggests that these fierce warriors went so far as to burn off their right breast, in order to make it easier to draw their bows. Perhaps Hollywood can airbrush out Wonder Woman’s anti-feminist boobs, airbrush in an Adam’s Apple, and add a 5 o’clock shadow to make her more fully “feminist.”

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