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Transitive Inequality: Little Boys in Drag    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : June 15, 2017

While normal, hard-working Americans go about their daily business, progressive provocateurs are busily rewriting the very fabric of reality. Our basic understandings of law, justice, family, fairness, and freedom are all being wrenched from their moorings without so much as a vote from the American people.

Case in point: a recent survey shows that almost half of all Millennials support the idea that government should “remove children from homes where the parents refuse to provide resources for gender transition.” So, a gender confused middle schooler who demands to transition must be enabled by the parents, or taken into state custody. Following that premise, what remains that confused middle schoolers may not demand, and that parents must provide? Why not tattoos, extreme piercings, pre-school conjugal play dates, or aligned-to-inflation disposable incomes, all radically less invasive and destructive entitlements?

And the double-speak and hypocrisy on the part of progressive activists on this front is nothing short of monumental. The same liberals who understand why children cannot vote, drive a car, or be treated as adults in courts of law, nevertheless seek to empower babes to demand treatments and even surgeries that alter their bodies for the duration of their lives. The same progressives that wish to punish parents who let children play outside unsupervised or walk to school alone, now seek to deny parents any oversight whatsoever when it comes to gender transitioning, even before the child has reached the age of puberty!

Case in point: the story of “Lactatia,” the eight-year-old drag queen of Montreal. The boy—full name Nemis Quinn Melancon Golden—started attending drag shows at age 7, and is a regular participant at Montreal drag performances, engaging in provocative dance moves alongside adult men in drag, wearing full make up, heels, and hose. Lactatia, who evidently appropriated her name from women who lactate, says that if your parents don’t allow you to dress in drag, “you need new parents.” Lactatia’s mother does all the child’s hair and makeup. Good thing too, lest the state come and seize the child to enforce his God-given right to glam.

These self-same progressives who find the burlesque of little Lactatia so heartwarming (“Anyone can do what they want in life,” preens the eight year old), are the same adamant scolds who insist that white people who wear sombreros on Cinco de Mayo, or kimonos on Halloween, are racist for appropriating a culture that is not theirs (It’s bad to be something you’re not!). The same feminists that for years have chided parents for dressing their little girls like princesses now have no issues with their little boys wearing formal gowns (It’s good to be something you’re not!). The same social justice warriors who argue that subjecting little girls to garish makeup and over-coiffed hair, and then exposing them to the beauty pageant circuit, is a form of objectification and exploitation (It’s bad to make little girls into sex objects!), are now cooing and awwwing over the sexed-up outfits and racy stage act of Lactatia (It’s good let little boys in drag become sex objects!).

Or, as the gay advocacy publication The Advocate put it after Lactatia won an award for her campy performance in drag: “Looking like a living porcelain doll, Lactatia received a trophy as his parents beamed.” Yep, nothing to see, move along, no exploitation or objectification to worry about here.

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