Georgia Election Shows Common Sense Rejection of
Hollywood Elitism    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : June 21, 2017

Perhaps the best thing Republicans have going for them is that they are not Democrats. More specifically, they are not the party of choice for entitled and insulated Hollywood celebrities. Despite their seemingly limitless money, unbridled arrogance, and plastic countenances, the only sure bet in this volatile political climate is a bet against Hollywood pieties.

The election of Karen Handel in Georgia is the latest example of blue collar, common sense Americans rejecting tinsel town trolling. Let’s be perfectly clear: the collection of actors, directors, producers, and studio execs who represent Hollywood values—and whose creative output routinely trashes and mocks the values of everyday Americans—are not the least bit interested in Georgia, especially rural Georgia. Never have been, never will be.

Georgia’s Sixth District special election was but one more opportunity for the glitterati to use red state America to flatter their own vanity and try to project their alien values on the very people who pay their salaries and patronize their films. And what was their preferred strategy? Did they show humble unity with the down-to-earth people of the peach belt? Did they find an in-district candidate who could connect to everyday working values? Did they quietly underwrite the candidacy of mild-mannered pajama boy Ossoff, trusting Georgians to decide for themselves?

Nope. Instead they enlisted a bunch of unemployed Hollywood C-listers to rally around a political outsider whose values, temperament, and smug self-importance mirrored their own. Trotting out Rosie O’Donnell, Alyssa Milano, Deborah Messing, and Sara Silverman—doubtless grinding to halt production on Police Academy 34—the people of Georgia were treated to equal doses of sanctimony and condescension. Milano, who courageously set aside her career cashing residual checks from her TV work during the Reagan administration, flew to Georgia (after her agent convinced her that she would not need a passport or a Russian translator) and sat in the back seat of a rented car, while someone else drove democrat voters to the polls. Early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes praised her moxie, but conceded that the part was a bit beyond her.

Perhaps the most obnoxious—and illuminatingly hypocritical—aspect of this feminist Hollywood activism is that these intrepid actresses were all rallying in support of the whitest of white males, a poster boy for the kind of pasty privilege that they eagerly protested during the Trump inauguration, with their woven woolen uterus caps and creepy vagina-themed beat poetry. (Ashley Judd, who was unable to be at Ossoff’s headquarters on election night, Skyped in her support from suburban Tbilisi. Note: Joke may be above some heads.)

In supporting Ossoff, these ladies championed the patriarchal status quo at the expense of Karen Handel, whose victory made her the first Republican female to occupy such an office in Georgia history. Nicely done, ladies. We’re certain of one thing: keep up your noisy, fruitless, and nutty support of utterly bland and traditional Democrat politicians—what better way to ensure that clumsy and often clueless Republicans retain control of Congress? Oscar-worthy indeed!

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