Wisconsin Democrats and Liberal Professors “Defend” Free Speech by Refusing to Protect Conservative Speakers    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : June 23, 2017

Republicans in the Wisconsin State Assembly voted through a bill that would create penalties, including the possibility of expulsion, for students who constantly interrupt or try to shout down campus speakers. The bill, designed to protect free speech on campus—especially speech defending conservative or Republican ideas—seeks to address the wave of violent, intolerant, and quasi-fascist attempts by progressive students and campus activists to intimidate, silence, and in some cases, physically assault speakers with different worldviews.

Predictably, not a single Democrat voted for the bill, and left-wing academics reflexively condemned the potential legislation—without a hint of irony—as dangerously “anti-free speech.” In creating a campus culture where extreme left-wing speech has become an institutionally-sanctioned and coercive lingua franca—one that marginalizes, stigmatizes, and ultimately discriminates against any speech that challenges the progressive status quo—these academics and lawmakers reject the only conception of speech that is truly free: speech that extends to all, regardless of politics, creed, or culture. It goes without saying, that such untrammeled speech is doubly important on college campuses: without it, the possibility of genuine intellectual exchange is impossible.

In rejecting the bill, progressives remind us that they will defend to the death progressive speech—however extreme—while seeking to impose campus safe spaces, trigger warnings, bias response teams, and other speech-deterring measures calculated to harass, frustrate, and punish speech that offers alternative opinions.

Democrat Representative Lisa Subek was able to use her free speech rights to engage in the kind of absurd, tautological double-speak so prevalent on America’s campuses: “Our colleges and universities should be a place [sic] to vigorously debate ideas and ultimately learn from one another. Instead, this campus gag rule creates an atmosphere of fear where free expression and dissent are discouraged.” How exactly do we learn from one another when we allow one group of (progressive) speakers to shut down, threaten, and ultimately prohibit the other side from speaking at all? So, we are to believe that dissent—even to the point of censorship—is free speech, and legislation protecting free speech and punishing censorship, is nothing but a “gag” order.

Democrat comrade Terese Berceau repeated the Democrat talking point, calling the bill a “gag rule,” and dove further down the Orwellian rabbit hole of politburo speak: “We do not have this manufactured problem of conservatives not being allowed to speak. Republicans want to tell students how they should speak and what they should say. This bill is a violation of the right to free speech on campus.”

So, despite the long trail of riots and abuse, the war on conservative speakers on college campuses is a manufactured problem, and it is Republican lawmakers who want to destroy free speech rights for students. Such Soviet thinking merely confirms the educational policies of Dear Leader Stalin: “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”

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