Teachers and Kids Terrorized by Out of Control Students    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : June 29, 2017

American public schools—henceforth referred to as “government schools” as a consequence of decades of deleterious federal interventionism—have all but finalized their transition away from teaching basic literacy and academic achievement to pushing instead social indoctrination, behavior modification, and progressive ideological group think.

We already know this shift to social justice education—a critical component of the Common Core scheme—does not improve student performance or raise educational outcomes. Rather, social justice education promotes conformity, victimhood, and the tyranny of low expectations, all in the name of “equity.”

So, it comes as no surprise to anyone—other than the educrats who put the new system in place—that when government schools forgo genuine education for socio-political manipulation, the result is poorly educated and unaccountable kids who cannot be so neatly conformed to utopian progressive ideals.

The latest proof of this phenomenon comes from Green Bay, Wisconsin, where middle school teacher Kerstin Westcott formally resigned her position during a heart-wrenching speech to the school board. (See video below) Westcott, who has taught at Washington Middle School for more than ten years, detailed a long list of incidents that made her and fellow teachers feel endangered by their own students. According to Westcott, teachers and students at the school were groped, sexually harassed, threatened, bullied, and in some instances, even assaulted:

“We are in danger every day that we show up to our school, students, and staff are physically, verbally, emotionally, mentally, and sexually abused every single day in the building."

During the board meeting, Westcott complained that school administrators ignored or trivialized many of these episodes. Records obtained from the Green Bay police support Westcott’s account of the middle school anarchy, as officers were dispatched to the school 132 times over the course of the last school year, issuing 122 citations to Washington Middle School students. Superintendent Michelle Langenfeld, who initially tried to downplay the incidents, is now in full damage-control mode, predictably seeking to shift blame to the families.

But here’s the thing: a key aspect of the new Federal Education paradigm (FedEd) is the transfer of parental control away from parents and families and to the schools and teachers. Government schools have embraced this new role, taking full advantage of federal mandates and state regulations to condition their students politically, morally, sexually, and socially, often with little or no regard for parental rights or objections. It is the height of hypocrisy now to pawn off the blame for the chaos at Washington Middle School on the very families that the educational establishment has frozen out of the equation. In other words, Green Bay schools: the feds paid for it; your state bought it; you broke it; and now you collectively own it.

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