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While Republicans Play Possum With Healthcare, Europe Reveals Our Future Nightmare    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : June 30, 2017

The sad and undeniable reality is that the majority of Republican lawmakers on the Hill never had any intention of repealing Obamacare. It is fair to say that many of these insider Republicans would have preferred Hillary Clinton as president, so long as they held on to their majorities in the House and Senate. A Hillary oval office would have provided Republicans the cover they needed to continue to rail against Obamacare, without the danger of having to actually repeal it. This ritualized, Republican Kabuki began even before Obamacare passed into law.

Nationalized healthcare simply puts too much control into the hands of beltway politicians—Democrats and Republicans—giving the political class unprecedented power over our bodies and our tax dollars. The ability to regulate, tax, and manipulate an entity as byzantine and behemoth as health care is just too enticing to resist for politicians of both parties. So, even with control of the presidency, the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, don’t look for Republicans to do what they promised and repeal. In fact, be prepared for the move to a single payer system within months of the next Democrat president taking office. When it happens, just don’t be fooled anew by the posturing (and altogether relieved) Republicans who will once again declare their undying opposition, all the while maintaining their powerlessness to stop it.

And for a glimpse of what awaits American healthcare in the future, look no further than England and 10-month-old Charlie Gard, a terminally-ill baby suffering from a rare genetic condition. Despite the almost hopeless nature of Charlie’s struggle, the family managed to raise 1.6 million dollars to fly him to America for an experimental treatment. Although a long shot, the experimental treatment offers the faintest glimmer of hope; the family has the money to pay for it; and even if the treatment fails, the procedure can offer more experience and data to scientists trying to craft cures for future victims. Nevertheless, a number of English and EU bureaucrats have prohibited the family from taking little Charlie to America, and even denied permission for the parents to bring him home to die in familiar surroundings.

You see, before birth baby Charlie had no rights and could have been murdered in the womb, no questions asked. And now, without burdening a single English taxpayer or disturbing the cushy life-styles of even one overweening, sanctimonious Eurocrat, baby Charlie still has no rights. Nor do his parents. Nor does anyone, once your body becomes property of the state and subject to utilitarian micromanagement by faceless committees and panels.

Wake up America. And rest in peace Charlie, forever now beyond the callous meddling of progressive do-gooders and the cowardly political classes that seek profit and power at the expense of life, liberty, and hope itself.

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