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Donald Trump’s Tale of Two Countries    

  By: Dr. Duke Pesta
   Published : July 7, 2017

Love him or hate him, the Donald Trump presidency sure provides clarity. A public rally, an executive order, or even a simple tweet has the power to utterly flummox both supporters and deplorers alike, exposing with unmistakable lucidity the prevailing fault lines that divide us as a nation. And as a planet.

Take for instance the Donald’s current trip to Europe, which has already proven to be illuminating on any number of levels. First stop, Poland: down through the ages, this proud country has been kicked back and forth like a soccer ball between the Germans and the Russians, and most brutally, between the Nazis and the Soviets. At the hands of these two rapacious Euro-powers, Poland effectively ceased to exist for 123 years. The undaunted and unbowed Poles welcomed President Trump with open arms, cheering his pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-free market, and pro-Western culture message with great enthusiasm and numerous ovations. The Poles are gloriously at odds with the European Union for refusing the influx of primarily Islamic refugees that is rapidly rolling back Western civilization across the continent.

Next stop, Germany. It goes without saying that Germany has a fraught history with its neighbors (both to the East and the West) and a repellent history of anti-Semitism. Now a modern globalist state, present-day Germany lectures the rest of Europe (and the United States) about the superiority of its trans-nationalist policies and open-borders progressivism. Trump’s visit, in conjunction with the G20 summit in Hamburg, resulted in many thousands of protestors violently opposing his message of pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-free market, and pro-Western values. Frau Merkel has thrown open the country to millions of refugees from places that are, shall we say, definitively at odds with Western values such as religious tolerance, women’s rights, and freedom of speech. And it stands to reason that there are dangerous numbers of these largely un-vetted refugees who have brought the anti-Semitism of their homelands to their new Germanic fatherland.

And, so, what lessons, exactly, did the Germans learn from World War II? Unlike the persecuted Poles—who labored under Nazi jackboots and Soviet Kirza boots—many in post-nationalist Germany are anti-liberty, anti-free market, anti-life, and decidedly pro-immigrant when it comes to refugees from nations with decidedly anti-Semitic cultures. It seems that history repeats itself not just by being forgotten, but also by being so internalized as to provoke extreme correctives that give rise to the same fascistic tendencies, merely from the other side of the political spectrum. As Putin’s Russia comes more and more to resemble Germany in the 1930s, so too Merkel’s Germany comes more and more to resemble Russia in the 1930s.

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